A $99 Windows tablet with a free year of Office

windows tablet 400x184 A $99 Windows tablet with a free year of Office

Windows tablet

Who says you can’t get a bang for your buck this Holiday? Stay entertained and productive wherever you go with the pocket-sized HP Stream 7 Signature Edition tablet.

Priced at $99, it has a 7-inch HD touchscreen with 800×1200 resolution, an Intel Atom quad core processor, 1GB memory and a 32GB SSD and includes a 1 year subscription to Office 365 Personal. With specs like these, watching movies, playing games, checking email and editing documents will be a breeze.


Buy the HP Stream 7 Signature Edition Tablet for $99.

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MacXDVD joins hands with Top4Download to launch MacX DVD Ripper Pro giveaway

MacX DVD Ripper index ban1 400x286 MacXDVD joins hands with Top4Download to launch MacX DVD Ripper Pro giveaway

MacX DVD Ripper Pro

MacXDVD initiates the exclusive giveaway of MacX DVD Ripper Pro for Top4Download users to backup and rip all the DVDs with 100% free license code offered. Before Oct. 7th 2014, any Top4Download visitor can obtain this bleeding-edge DVD backup software with no limitation on quantity.

MacXDVD, a leading provider of ultimate solutions to DVD backup and conversion, has cooperated with the world-renowned Top4Download to bring the users with exclusive giveaway of the latest MacX DVD Ripper Pro for better yet faster DVD backup and conversion. This world-class DVD ripping software will be available totally free before October 7th, 2014.

Sprint to MacXDVD exclusive giveaway for Top4Download page to pocket this superb DVD ripper for better DVD movies enjoyment. Read more »»

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WinPatrol 3.1 – The PC Gladiator

 WinPatrol 3.1 – The PC Gladiator

WinPatrol 3.1

A slow performing computer is the most irritating thing for a technology junkie. Different things can hamper a computer’s performance, but majorly spyware, malware or adware can be attributed to slowing down the performance of the computer. The release of WinPatrol 31, which is an upgrade from the previous version, is exactly what every PC needs as a security tool. BillP Studios released WinPatrol 31 as an upgrade from the previous Windows snapshot basis security utility. The WinPatrol is impressive software that gives multiple solutions in one effortless step. The features of this application go to show the time and effort that was put into its creation. The first thing and probably the most important thing that the application does is that it detects and neutralizes spyware and Adware.

The application detects and neutralizes viral infections. It does the same to unwanted IE Add-Ons. The application also detects and restores file type changes and automatically filters any unwanted cookies. One thing that I know many people do not like is the inexplicable change of the Start Page. Read more »»

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Analyze Your Files With FileAlyzer

FileAlyzer 400x336 Analyze Your Files With FileAlyzer


After the development of Spybot-Search & Destroy, Safer Computing has developed FileAlyzer, which is a file analysis tool. The tool helps you check for unknown executables for signs of malware. The name FileAlyzer was a typo to the name FileAnalyzer and they decided to keep the name. The program has a user-friendly interface. Once the program launches, open an EXE file and FileAlyzer opens a report window with no less than 21 tabs. This can be a little bit intimidating, but with careful focus, it is a breeze when handling the application. You can easily find out general file information for example location, size, and version, date of creation, last write and last access.

Different tabs do different things for the program here are just a few. When you click the “PE Header” tab, you will see many things, but notably you will see whether this is a 32 or 64-bit executable, a GUI or console program. The “PE Resources” tab list the resources that the file contains for example the icons and bitmaps. Left click on a resource to view it and right click to copy it to the clipboard or simply so save it to a file. Read more »»

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DNS Changer – What You Need To Know?

DNS Changer 400x285 DNS Changer – What You Need To Know?

DNS Changer

The internet today is rigged with dangerous malware that affects the performance of your PC. One of the worst viruses that can affect your computer badly is the infamous Trojan horse, which set the bar high for many viruses out there. That being said, it is paramount that PC users protect their computers. One very smart and inexpensive way of doing this is by changing your DNS servers. This guarantees reduced risk by blocking phishing frauds. For parents changing your DNS servers protects your children from inappropriate websites. Ultimately changing your DNS servers improves your browsing speed, which is a huge plus. Smart DNS Changer is a diverse network utility, which changes your DNS server, Mac address and PC proxy settings. The program installs quickly. Do not expect any adware, as is the norm with most programs in this category. In a matter of seconds, the program is up and running.

Smart DNS Changer contains four useful tools that are all crafted to make the program serve you better. First is the DNS Changer. This changes DNS settings to filter or non-filter you internet connection. There are types of DNS Changer settings, the first being Filtered DNS. Read more »»

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Image For Windows 2.9 – The New Way For Data Back Up And Restoration

Image For Windows 2.9 400x295 Image For Windows 2.9    The New Way For Data Back Up And Restoration

Image For Windows 2.9

Image for Windows is a backup and restoration program package that is used for backing up hard drive data to other external drives and servers. Image for Windows works simply by creating snapshots of a cross section of the drive or the whole drive as desired by the user. The software then allows you to save backups to local or network drives or burn them to a DVD/DVD R/DVD RW or a CD/CD R/CD RW. The application allows you to restore the data as needed and can be completely restored into a new drive.

Why is this one of the best data backup applications? It boasts of the following features, it is totally reliable. Verify every byte it stores or creates a back up.  It is convenient. Get the true image of your Windows partition by running it with the PHYLock addon – in fact you will not have to reboot the system.

It offers excellent security features that can be secured with simple ye effective security passwords. It offers maximum speed. Speed is important when doing any backup process especially if you have a lot of data on your computer. The application offers this speed and in no time the backup is complete. The application also offers a huge drive support. The application is compatible with drives larger than 2 terabits. Read more »»

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GoodSync – The Revolution In File Management

GoodSync 400x287 GoodSync – The Revolution In File Management


All those photos, emails, documents, videos and music that you have scattered all over the place now can be easily managed thanks to the GoodSync software. This revolutionary software comes at a time when the internet age seems to keep on scaling upwards. It comes at a time when more and more people have too many unmanaged files that they can’t seem to keep track of.

GoodSync is the latest software from a series of efficient synchronization programs that are currently in the market. This is a product of Siber Systems the very same makers of Roboform. GoodSync basically synchronizes and backs up all your files and documents between your desktop, laptops, servers and external drives. The program is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Upon download and installation, you will be greeted by a simple “Windows Explorer” sort of interface. You will be asked to either create a job which means new sync or create a back up. All this can be quite overwhelming for the inexperienced user but hope is not lost because at the bottom of that introductory interface there is a click option that says “Tutorial”. This online tutorial comes highly recommended for new users. Read more »»

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SMPlayer For Windows – What You Should Know?

SMPlayer 400x338 SMPlayer For Windows – What You Should Know?


Media lovers will agree that the media application they download should be directly proportionate to the number of media formats that it supports. SMPlayer for Windows powers you with such ability to play the most of all media formats in the market today. It uses an award-winning engine known to run without requiring any external codecs and will work perfectly with these formats: AVI, MKV, OGM, MPEG, VOB, 3GP, ASF, MOV, WMV, MP3 and many other media formats that are in the market today. The SMPlayer has a sleek and tasteful design with very efficient playback options.

The interface is user friendly and impressive. To install the program download the setup file and setting up can take a while as the tool requires lots of files and applications for efficient running. Read more »»

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µTorrent Latest Update

utorrent 400x280 µTorrent Latest Update


The internet age has made the sharing of file easy and people find it a cheaper alternative to watch movies from the comfort of their own homes. µTorrent for Windows Beta provides all movie, series, software and game lover an inexpensive platform to share and download files, which is also safe and convenient.

The µTorrent for Windows Beta interface is a no brainer. It gives you undeniable easy access to its wide database of files. It allows you to search for whatever you seek and the results are almost instant. To start new downloads, just give it a touch on the button. It makes it easy to manage the files that are currently downloading, pause any continuing downloads and or stop the already completed downloads. The application allows you to comment, like or dislike anything that has been posted by other people as well. Read more »»

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New Browsing Experience With Aml Pages

AmlPages 400x270 New Browsing Experience With Aml Pages


The AmlPages 9.54 Build 2472 is an upgrade from the previous versions of AmlPages 9.03 version. The AmlPages 9.54 Build 2472 is a tree structured note organizer for windows. It allows easy access to your essentials of browsing, for example web pages, URL-addresses, passwords, notes, saved web pages (full or fragment). AmlPages allow you a completely new browsing experience.

However, it does not end there. AmlPages 9.54 Build 2472 supports an array of plug in extension features. AmlPages supports different formats of writing for example, plain text, rich text, web pages, including web pages, tables, figures and attachments. It has a huge database to store any kind of information like images, files, screenshots and many more. AmlPages 9.54 Build 2472 with its user-friendly interface and instructions help users to create or customize the existing themes.

AmlPages 9.54 Build 2472 has personalization setting that will make your browsing experience even more satisfying. Read more »»

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