Adapting to Evolution

A growing number of organizations are turning to network attached storage as a flexible and efficient solution to their spiraling storage requirements.

While data capacity demands grow of organizations across the board, many small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) continue to struggle with limited resources. The responsibility to maintain sufficient capacity and reliable storage often falls on relatively small IT departments, or even on a single individual. Current business climates demand more for less, as managers scramble to keep up with storage needs without adding to staff or expanding budgets.

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Anti-virus using Cloud Computing

Panda Managed Office Protection was announced by Asiatica Intergroup and Panda Security recently to counter the hassles of virus and malware.

Panda Managed Office Protection is suitable for businesses that are facing threat from viruses and malware. This is achieved without installing expensive network hardware or heavy clients. The cloud-based technology is helpful in implementing the protection for an organization spread out over the world, without geographical restrictions. The web-based control panel of this anti-virus helps administrators to monitor the security status of the entire organization. It is possible to access remote computers and generate activity reports while sitting thousands of miles away from the operating location, this is technology.

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