Create Power Management Reports In Windows 7

Microsoft has introduced an option to create power management reports in Windows 7. The reports can be generated over an elevated command line prompt with the command powercfg -energy. It takes Windows 7 about 60 seconds to analyze the current state of the Windows 7 operating system. The power management report will be stored as energy-report.html in the system32 directory of the Windows installation.



The energy efficiency problems are classified in the groups problems, errors and informational. It can be run on virtually any system although it has been designed with mobile computer systems (latops, netbooks) in mind.


The power management reports have been designed with experienced users in mind. They do not contain one-click solutions of the problems, warnings and errors listed in the report. Some entries point to distinct settings of the operating system that change the power consumption of the operating system, e.g. that the power policy for wireless network adapters is not configured to use low-power modes. Others simply state that the hardware of the computer system is not supporting a power saving feature, e.g. that it does not support hibernate.

It takes therefor time to analyze the report and decide whether to make changes to the computer system based on the power management report.


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