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Kaspersky Lab expands its security expertise into mobile devices!

We caught up with Nathan Wong, the Technical Director for Kaspersky Lab APAC at the Kaspersky Lab Security Workshop for Media recently and asked him about their new product, the Kaspersky Mobile Security 7.O.

Interviewer: Can you elaborate more about yourself and how you got into this industry?

Wong: I’ve been in Kaspersky for five years now and I was in the OEM and Global Division in California and since last year, after the Beijing Olympics, I was transferred to Kaspersky APAC division to support the region because this region is very strategic and important to the company.

Interviewer: Pardon my ignorance but was there an earlier version of the Kaspersky Mobile Security? And it’s now in its 7th edition?

Wong: It is not necessary to have version 1 to 6 before we have this version 7. If we were to use numbers to label the generation of the software, then the initial SDK will be the first version. The Kaspersky Mobile Security 7.O is named as such is to be in line with Windows for the release.

Interviewer: Can you tell us more about the Kaspersky Mobile Security 7.O?

Wong: More people are using their mobile phones as their secondary computer these days because of it s portability. This also means that there will be more sensitive information, like emails, SMSes and important contacts in it. The Kaspersky Mobile Security 7.O is designed to protect these data and not to fall into the wrong hands.

Interviewer: What are the main features of the Kaspersky Mobile Security 7.O?

Wong: There are plenty of features in the software and all of them are useful features. For example, if your phone is stolen, the moment another SIM card is put in, the phone will automatically send the number of the new SIM card to a predefined number. You can then send a “destruction code” to the said number to delete all the in the phone so that it will not be accessible anymore. You can even remotely block the phone, rendering it useless. There are Anti Spam and Anti Virus features on it too so you won’t get Spam SMSes and Viruses on your phone.

Interviewer: If we install the Kaspersky Mobile Security on a mobile phone and sold the phone to someone else without uninstalling the software, what will happen?

Wong: The most logical action to do when selling the phone is to uninstall the software and install it in a new phone so you’ll be able to use the license key. This software is an insurance to the data inside your phone not the phone itself, it’s not an anti-theft device. If what you said happened, it also means that your data is still in the phone and the software protects your data.

Interviewer: So the whole point of the software is to protect the data inside the phone, not the phone itself?

Wong: Yes. Don’t you think that the data is more important than the physical phone itself?


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