Smart protection against Conficker: Trend Micro

According to PCWorld, Conficker is “believed to have infected 10 million computers…mostly in Asia, Europe and South America.” Help your customers protect their computers and laptops against the latest virus, The Conficker Worm, with Trend Micro’s security software.

The Conficker virus is constantly changing and receiving updates; the virus has the ability to steal passwords, remote control a user’s PC, or steal your credit card information if you shop online. These are several of the many reasons why security software is so important for PC users. Help protect your customers by reminding them of the importance of security software and earn money while doing so!

How you can help?

  • Double check that all links for Trend Micro are up to date and accurate
  • Feature Trend Micro on your home page
  • Email your users on the importance of updated security software


Trend Micro Internet Security

  • Stops websites from installing dangerous downloads on your computer
  • Halts access to dangerous web pages
  • Detects and removes viruses, spyware, and other malicious threats from your computer, email, instant messages and downloads
  • Prevents unauthorized users from changing your critical applications, without impacting your PC’s performance

Trend Micro Internet Security Pro

  • Prevent keyloggers from spying on your passwords, account numbers, and other personal information
  • Rates safety of links in instant messages and web-based email programs
  • Prevents data thieves, viruses, SMS text message spam and other malware from invading your smartphone

Keeps your protection current with automatic updates

Download here:  Trend Micro Internet Security Pro (64 bit)  , Trend Micro Internet Security Pro (32 bit)

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