Talking About Windows

It is obvious that Microsoft is trying several new public relation strategies that go along with the development of the Windows 7 operating system. They opened up new channels like the Windows 7 Engineering blog (and several others) which made it possible to communicate directly with users from all over the world. One of their latest ideas is the Talking About Windows website which combines several of these new strategies on one website.

The website has videos of IT pros and Microsoft engineers that talk about Windows, especially Windows 7. The IT pros videos talk about customer experience while the Microsoft engineer videos concentrate more about engineering. Comments are included under for every video and it seems that Microsoft is trying to communicate directly with the user base that is watching the videos. It is not uncommon to see the person in the video replying to user comments. It remains to be seen how this is handled when the traffic of the website rises once it becomes popular but it is nice to see some direct responses from the people responsible.





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