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Tread Micro has been rated as one of year 2008 Top 10 best anti-virus programs. Trend Micro anti virus is fully equipped to combat the current Conficker (An intimidating, sophisticated and a new kind of virus worm that no experts in the field can decode it) outbreak and it was said that almost every computers was infected by Conficker. The infamous creator of Conficker was suppose to give command to it on the first of April but it turns out the creator didn’t (or have other bigger plans). Regardless what it maybe, Conficker might be lying deep within your computer/laptop waiting for its master instructions. Tread Micro is one of the few anti-virus programs that could search in-depth with in your driver system to bust Conficker out or quarantine it, and Microsoft Corp is offering a $250,000 bounty for the creator of Conficker.

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The Tread Micro anti-virus system is extremely easy to navigate and understand no complications or sophisticated level involve, thus, the system was rated 5 stars by users. The configuration and advanced setting are easy to use and every single one of the settings are fully elaborated within the program. Although, during the updating your computer performances might slow down for a minute to seconds, but it makes up for this little issue with frequent updates and in-depth scanning.



Tread Micro has an obligation of keeping your computer from maliciously atrocious internet virus that could be stealing your credit card information, personal details or your privacy. Therefore frequent updates would be beneficial to you and your computer. The updates can be set to go automatically or manually depending onĀ  your favors. The default updates runs automatically every 3 hours and it is being done in the background as well. You’ll only be notified of an update if you choose to go manual and the system will notified and seek for your permission to proceed on.


Trend Micro is a solid anti-virus program for those who are looking for an anti-virus program that is easy to navigate, understand and doesn’t require much user interaction. It has a simple interface and some of the greatest customer support available within the anti-virus field. The only hindrance of Trend Micro is that it cause your computer performances to run in slow motion mode during its update, other than that, Trend Micro is an indestructible anti-virus program.


This is an offer pack that is selling for $19.95 and you get to save $20 about 50% from the original price tag. This Anti-Virus pack is only for Windows Xp/Vista. Follow the link provided below to purchase this item if you want a powerful and solid protection for computer.

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