Useful product information: iBotnet and Norton products for MACs

Earlier this year, Symantec shined a light on a possible security threat to Mac users. Commonly referred to as the “iBotnet,” it is a trojan that has been found in pirated copies of Apple Computer’s iWork ’09 and Photoshop CS4 posted on some peer to peer networks, such as KaZaA, Gnutella and Morpheus. Although iBotnet will not affect a majority of users, Symantec offers great security products for Mac computers and Apple operating systems. Here is some helpful information you can present to customers to help them make an informed decision on protecting their computers.

  • Users of Macintosh computers continue to have little to fear from viruses, trojans and worms so long as they take reasonable precautions. However, users who download files from third party sites and from P2P networks such as BitTorrent are at risk. More generally, anyone who surfs the internet should be aware of the threat of fake web sites, called phishing sites, that steal passwords, identity information and credit card numbers.
  • Trojans create a network of computers (a “botnet”) that can be used by cyber criminals to attack web sites, send junk email, steal passwords, and other malicious activities.
  • Trojans are distributed in pirated copies of Apple Computer’s iWork’09 and Adobe Photoshop CS4 found on some P2P networks. Unlike worms, these threats do not spread by themselves.
  • Mostly at risk are those that download files from P2P networks. Viruses, trojans and worms can be written to attach users of any type of computer.

Here are some great Norton products for Macs !

*** Norton Internet Security for Mac

***  Norton AntiVirus for Mac

***  Norton AntiVirus Dual Protection for Mac

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