What’s The First System You Will Install Windows 7 On?

Windows7news.com  had the What’s The First System You Will Install Windows 7 On poll running for some time now and would like to present the results and announce a new poll that went live today. The majority of users (51%) said that they would install Windows 7 on a desktop computer system followed by 36% who decided to install it on a laptop. Third place (5%) was taken by an installation on virtual systems and netbooks (5%) and the last (3%) by users who did not know yet where to install it first on. It is probably not that easy to answer the question right now with the final release of Windows 7 still months away.


The new poll asks you to rate the Windows 7 Release Candidate. Options range from very good over good, average to bad and very bad with the no answer option available for users who have not installed it or cannot make up their mind yet.

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Source: www.windows7news.com

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