What will Apple’s response be to Windows 7?

I know this one’s bound to start an argument, but I’m no stranger to courting controversy.  I think it can be argued at this point that Windows 7 is much better than Mac OS X.

There are only a few reasons, for the sake of this article, that I’ll list.  A complete blow-by-blow comparison would take forever!

The biggest single thing that Apple have sold Macs on is security.  But let’s face it, in its entire life, Vista has had one (am I right with this?) really serious virus threat and that turned out to be nothing.  I also remember OS X having one too.  Nobody can dispute that Vista is not only the most secure version of Windows yet, it’s many miles ahead of XP on security.  This, I think, puts it on a level playing field with OS X.

Then there’s the general interface.  It’s been [how many] years since Apple updated their interface and OS X has only ever had the one.  In that time the Windows interface has changed beyond comparison with previous versions that are as old as the first editions of OS X.

Take finder and explorer for example.  There can be no doubt that explorer is far superior while finder is stuck back in X-Tree territory (for those who remember it).  The same applies to iTunes and Windows Media Player.  Microsoft are much better, in my opinion, at the dumbing down type of usability that most people benefit from.

Also on the interface, Apple are still using this top bar thingy, if you’ll let me call it that, that makes using fantastic usability and productivity tools like the Office ribbon very difficult.  OS X is stuck in a drop-down menu world when Microsoft moved away from that, with both the ribbon and breadcrumb bar, years ago now.

The performance and speed of Windows 7 also negate any argument Apple have been able to make in the past about Windows being sluggish compared to OS X… let’s face it, Vista was sluggish compared to my washing machine!

There are other things I could cite right now but I won’t go into a full blow-by-blow feature comparison as there’s squillions of them.  I’ll leave you to argue this one out.  😉

So what will Apple’s response to Windows 7 be?  A good friend of mine last year suggested they’d introduce a furry display.  This would be extremely cool and I’d buy a Mac immediately if they did that.  🙂  Suffice to say they’re remaining extremely, and characteristically, tight lipped at the moment.  Can we read anything into this?

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