Will Windows 7 Be Worth Buying?

The average selling price for Windows 7 when it launches is expected to be more than both Windows XP and Windows Vista when they were launched.  In the current recession many of us are having to justify purchases that in the past we would have just made automatically, and are probably questioning whether upgrading to Windows 7 at such a high cost will be a good idea.

Now as someone who finds it very hard to say no to the latest product and services, I know that even if I say ‘no, it’s too expensive’ I’ll probably somehow just happen to be walking by a computer store on launch day, that I will somehow end up walking inside and buying a copy of Windows 7 Ultimate with the credit card I just happen to have on me!  This is what happened the other day when I tried to downgrade my 20Mb broadband to save money, but when the sales agent mentioned the new 50Mb service I couldn’t stop myself upgrading instead.  Continue reading here.

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