Windows 7 RC to receive test updates on May 12th

Those involved with Windows 7 will remember a while back the beta received test updates, to check if how well the update system worked within Microsoft’s new operating system. Well, a similar thing is happening, this time in the Windows 7 RC variety.

This has come straight from the company itself, via the Windows Team blog, as well as being reported on TechNet. Keeping it the same as the previous updates, they will deliver no fixes or anything of the sort, and there should be around about 10 of them. According to the TechNet post, most of these will install automatically, but some of them won’t, as this will, “test a new update notification feature that provides detailed information about available updates that need to be installed manually.” They’ll be clearly identified as test updates, also, to prevent any confusion.

So folks, keep an eye out on May 12th and be sure to let us (and Microsoft) know how it goes.

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