Windows Easy Transfer Improvements

Windows Easy Transfer is a tool designed by Microsoft to assist the user in moving data from computers running previous Microsoft operating systems. In the case of Windows 7 it would mean to be able to move data from Windows XP or Windows Vista systems to Windows 7. This can be very handy for users who cannot (or do not) want to upgrade their old operating system to Windows 7. Microsoft is only offering a few upgrade paths from Windows Vista to Windows 7 (basically only for Windows Vista Home Premium, Windows Vista Business and Windows Vista Ultimate to Windows 7 Home Premium, Windows 7 Professional and Windows 7 Ultimate. Windows XP users and Vista users who do not run one of the previously mentioned editions of the operating system will have to perform a clean installation.

Brandon LeBlanc describes some of the changes and improvements to Windows Easy Transfer that are introduced in Windows 7.



The requirements are still the same. Windows Easy Transfer works.

* Using a Windows Easy Transfer Cable (direct PC-to-PC)
* Over a network
* External hard drive

Customers can now select specific user profiles that they want to transfer from the PC running a previous version of Windows to Windows 7. This can be interesting for families or companies where only part of the user accounts need to be moved to the new operating system. This is for example the case if the kids get the old computer while the parents the new one. The size of each user profile is displayed which becomes useful when selecting the data that should be transferred. It is now possible to exclude data from being transferred.

Windows Easy Transfer Reports are now available at the end of the migration phase detailing everything that happened during the transfer.


Download Windows 7 RC here


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