Winfox Adds Jumplists To Firefox In Windows 7

Jumplists are one of the new feature that has been introduced by Microsoft in Windows 7. They basically display information – usually things like a history, quick access to program features or links – when right-clicking on an icon in the Windows 7 taskbar. Right-clicking the Internet Explorer icon for example would display the frequently used sites and tasks of the web browser allowing the user to access these faster. As of now only tools created by Microsoft supported jumplists.

A Firefox user was out of luck until now as Jumplists were not added by the Mozilla development team to the web browser. Enter Winfox, a third party application that is adding jumplists to Firefox 3 in Windows 7. Winfox will display the top 15 visited websites of the web browser and provide quicker access to Firefox as well.

The application has to be running in the background to update the popular sites. The only possible way to stop it is to kill it in the Windows Task Manager. Winfox is available for 32-bit and 64-bit editions of Windows 7.

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