Zero Day Security Hole In Windows 7?

A new zero day security hole has been discovered in Windows 7 according to the International Business Times. According to their article a new – and actually the first – zero day vulnerability has been discovered by Chinese security researchers who reported the vulnerability to Microsoft. Microsoft did not issue a statement yet or acknowledged the vulnerability which means that the story has to be taken with a grain of salt.

The information about the security hole are scarce. It apparently is able to trigger blue screens when creating or closing windows thanks to incompatibilities with code taken from Windows 3.1.

The graphical interfaces system of Windows 7 RC contains old codes from Windows 3.1 where security is not considered when developed. When Microsoft optimizes the graphical interfaces of Windows 7, the incompatibility with old codes leads the system to blue screen.

Attackers will be able to firstly invade the System server of certain object to launch the attack, or to make a potential opportunity for a second attack. Thus, the security hole is a greater threat for the firm and government customers who’re using Windows 7 RC.

The meaning of the second paragraph is not really clear. It most likely means that attackers have to successfully attack the computer system before they can exploit the vulnerability.

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