A Little Known application G-Data Internet Security 2010 Is Going To Become Famous

The German security suite “G-Data Internet Security 2010” is one of the best malware detection and removal applications being successfully sold, now in U.S too. It has proved its worth in several tests and even outperformed several other similar suites. Its price is $30 for single user (1 year) & $40 for three users (1 year) as of 21st May 2009.

The combination of Avast & BitDefender antivirus engines made the G-Data to successfully pass the AV-Test.org’s for the malware detection, with recording a highest percentage in the detection of 99 percent of malware including as much as 722,372 samples of Trojan horses, password-stealers, worms and others.

G-Data did the job of identification and removal of 100% o the files and Registry changes put up by malware, but couldn’t repeat this performance in erasing the traces of test infectious. The stealth malware (inactive rootkits), which are notorious for making infections hidden from both the users and the security software, was caught by the G-Data but couldn’t be removed more than 77% of it. On this test G-Data come to the second spot but it performed better in heuristic test by correctly identifying all of the 5000 test files except one.

But the best part of G-Data emerged at the behavior-based test detection of malware. It warned in 80% of the cases, identified as well as blocked 475 of the malware and erased 13% percent of them. It also did well in detecting the unknown malware and identified 56% of the samples, with signature files as old as 2 weeks and 49% of the samples, with signature files as old as 4 weeks.

AV-Test has proved that G-Data is the quickest to respond (less than 2 hrs.) when it comes to widespread malware. It is only below to the Norton in producing signature updates/ month with an average of 18 per day (Jan. 2009 – 551, Feb. 2009 – 506, March – 642). AV-Test also found its on-demand scan times to be 17 sec. and on-access scan times to be 73 sec. G-Data took 41 sec. to copy the file on the system having no antivirus installed.

G-Data doesn’t have its own browser toolbar but successfully makes use of Netcraft for detecting & blocking phising sites and scanning e-mails & IM messages. But it is too sensitive towards Web scanning to allow it block each time it detect something like, it took the xb-Browser for a malware threat.

It has an advanced form of interface with the parental control feature. One doesn’t need to open G-Data for deleting a file thanks to the data shredder icon. Eventually, it can e said that G-Data Internet Security 2010 provides everything from protection to several special features at a reasonable price. It is effective against both the traditional malware and the heuristic threats.

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