Absolute Must Own Applications, For Your iPhone

There is no doubt that you will be well aware of the various capabilities of the iPhone like, its awesome touch-screen, built-in GPS & camera and the multimedia playback. But the latest thing that makes this smartphone stand apart from all the other cell phones is its App Store, which is part of the iTunes. If your iPhone is lacking some of the latest features, then you can download them either through the iPhone itself (using Wi-Fi or the 3G) or through a computer by first downloading the features on to the system and then synchronizing the iPhone with the system.

There are billions of features that have been downloaded already, in order to add some more unique features to the iPhone like, music-related software, handy utilities or the fun games. So, are you thinking about grabbing some latest features for your iPhone? Then here is the list of some of the favorite applications:

For The Lovers of Music

There are thousands of different online radio stations that you can access for free, through your iPhone by the use of FlyCast. Just manipulate the buttons with your fingertips and there you are. You will be able to listen to any kind of music within seconds from the built-in headphones or speakers, whether it is pop, country, rock, hip-hop or classical. Besides, many of the radio stations are free of any charge and the DJ banter. You could also have the access to the artist info, album art and the option of skipping backward or forward to the songs provided the concerned radio station supports these functions.

Have Some Fun While Drawing

There is a pocket sized game called Crayon Physics Deluxe, which is all about the animation of your crayon drawings, which will be bound to the rules of real physics. It costs you only $4.99 to download it. There are all in all 70 levels to be won in this 2D puzzler by moving a ball to the stars. You simply need to use your fingers for drawing a picture on to the screen, which will come alive as soon as it gets completed and will drop at the bottom of the screen. After a little practice you could successfully learn how to use the size, shape and the direction of the object in order to accomplish your mission. You can also create your own levels with the help of a free editor.

Convert your voice into text

It is widely known that the iPhone doesn’t support the recording of voice, which sometimes felt necessary when you need to note down something and you are without any pen or paper. But this problem has been solved with the advent of the Jott application, which lets you record the voice as well as convert the recording into text. After recording, you can send that text to anyone through email or keep it as a saved document. But you need to have a Jott account for this application to be used, which is absolutely free.

Know your song with Shazam

Sometimes it happens that you are listening to a song while watching a movie or on the radio or in a music store and you want to know the details of the song. Then you don’t need to search for the details anywhere else. What you need to do is to simply use the “Tag now” option of the free application Shazam and then hold your iPhone up to the level of the speaker for almost eight seconds. Now you will see on your iPhone’s screen the artist name, song and the album name. You will also be directed to the related album art and download links of iTunes and also to the clips of YouTube. It functions through matching the song with an online database containing five million tracks.

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