BETA release of Backup4all 4.2 now available

The public BETA release of Backup4all 4.2 is now available. This beta release is intended for testing and evaluating version 4.2 of Backup4all, but it is not recommended for production use.

Backup4all 4.2 BETA will be installed separately so your other version will not be affected, as long as you don’t import the backup jobs into Backup4all 4.2 BETA (we do not recommend importing the backup jobs).

What is new in this version:

– Added Unicode filename support (files with non-standard characters can be easily backed up now)

– Backup4all is now compatible with 64-bit operating systems too

– Environment Variables can be used when defining new filters (e.g.%temp%, %SystemRoot%)

– File versions can be compared now (using external program)

– Added several default predefined filters (to exclude temporary or system files)

– Added “Select columns” option in the right-click menu of the versions section (Explore View)

– Added option to select new filetype for log files (.txt is accepted now too, given that .log files cannot be opened on Blackberry devices)

– Added option “Remove from sources” when right-clicking a file in Explore View

– Added “Run With” and “Job Type” in schedule lists

– Added a new button for “Ignore all” during restore

– Added message for mirror backups to FTP when splitting large files and there is not enough space in temp (FTP allows files of max 2GB)

– If the notification email has an attachment larger than the sending limit, only the email is sent (without attachment)

– Sources can be modified now even after selecting a Predefined Backup job (this way a backup job can be used as a “template” for future backup jobs)

You can download the BETA release of Backup4all 4.2 here (16 MB).

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