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Senior Vice-President Phil Schiller of Apple declares – the most powerful and fastest iPhone in the world has arrived. These words were used by Schiller to describe iPhone 3G S launched on June 19 with features 3 mega pixel camera, picture messaging facility and voice commands ability. This iPhone 3G S of version 8 GB has a price tag of $99 only.

It was in San Francisco during Worldwide Developers Conference organized by Apple, the announcements, very much as per the predictions, were made about iPhone 3G S having – digital compass, longer battery life, connecting to laptop for internet excess and MMS facility. Although the last two facilities are yet to work on AT&T, this announcement was received by the audience with a groan in chorus.

There were people expecting some wonders from Steve Jobs recovering medically but the keynote by Apple was a disappointing one.

Getting down to the details of iPhone 3G S, here they are


Appearance – Though iPhone 3G S has impressive new features but in appearance it is exactly same as the last year model – iPhone 3G,. In fact you will not be able to make out the difference between the two unless you operate it.

Improved Camera – Camera is of 3 mega pixels better than 2 mega pixels in the older iPhone. The excellent features of camera are auto focus lens, auto exposure, much improved sensitivity to low-light, along with the big ones – video recording, touch editing and to send video clips via MMS. However LED flash is still pending.

Performance Speed – Apple assures that iPhone 3G S will work faster than iPhone 3G, almost two times. This will make web browsing faster.

Voice Commands – Voice-activated calls are possible along with playing songs and play lists as per your wish and command. The voice commands was a issue that was long pending on many existing cell phone models.

Longer battery life – Apple makes puts across a promise that 3G S will provide three more hours of web browsing as compared to Wi-Fi and six hours more of audio. This battery life issue was a bothering one on many already available cell phones.

Availability and Price – From June 19 iPhone 3G S will be available in stores; two days after the Software update 3.0 for iPhone which has added new features like picture messaging, stereo Bluetooth and cut and paste was released on iTunes. It is in both black and white colors. The 16GB version has a price tag of $199, same as 8GB iPhone 3G, the older model. The 32GB model will be sold for $299. iPhone 8GB 3G, an old one has a price of $99.

Digital Compass – It was very difficult to find the way with iPhone previously if you were not sure about the direction you were facing but with new 3G S digital compass you will be able to get latitude, longitude and the exact direction.

Messaging Picture – The announcement done in March was true – both iPhone 3G S and iPhone 3G are to support MMS with the help of iPhone Software 3.0 update which was launched on June 17. This feature was the surely one of the biggest feature missing on iPhone. But the bad news is AT&T will not support MMS service on iPhone till late summer

Laptop connectivity – iPhone Software 3.0 has made it possible – to connect laptop with iPhone through USB or Bluetooth for internet use. This is possible for all users of several worldwide carriers except AT&T. The update on this issue is – AT&T is not ready to give any timeframe for the same at present.

Other advantages of iPhone Software 3.0 – Now downloads of TV shows and movies are possible on iPhones. Not a bad idea to board the plane after having done few downloads just to enjoy them when in sky. High speed and stability are attained when working with Safari’s mobile version. Find My iPhone features helps you track your lost iPhone provided you are a subscriber of Apple’s Mobile Me service.

The Things not given with this 3G S iPhone are

Steve Jobs, CEO Apple who is on medical leave is yet to return back to Apple, although it was learnt that he was to return by month’s end.

No discount on iPhone service plan

No camera with front facing orientation for video conferencing

No MMS for AT & T customers till late summer

No laptop connectivity with 3G S iPhone for AT & T customers  till the time still not known.

Is 3G S iPhone impressive? Have you felt excited on getting so much of information on 3G S iPhone? With many new and significant features already added to 3G S iPhone with few drawbacks it can be said. Many may have made the plan to change iPhone 3G for the latest 3G S handsets. In the days to come the argument going to be hot is – which one is better the iPhone 3G S or the Palm Pre?

An Update: AT&T subscribers who have possessed iPhone 3G in the previous year are not going to get discounted price for iPhone 3G S, this has been reported by the unofficial Apple site  The prices for 16GB 3G S will be $599 and for 32GB version it is $699. Also there are early upgrade option for $399 or $499. This has been confirmed with AT&T.

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