Flat Screen Dying: System Heating Too Much

broken_laptop_thumb1What Should Be Your Next Step After Building A New PC?

The installation of an operating system to your newly built PC should be prioritize first, if you have built it yourself.  You could simply execute the installation of an operating system by running the installation disc, you could purchase it online or buy it from your nearest computer store. The motherboard your are using needs a compatible setup disc, which includes all kinds of drivers like, network, chip-set and other required functionality as well. But personally I think, it would perform at its optimum if you install the motherboard drivers first before installation an operating system. If any of you readers out there have any kind of recommendations, suggestions, experience or questions to share and ask please do not hesitate to post a comment.

Is There Any Possibility That Flat Screens Will Die?

If you have a laptop or a flat screen that started dimming, it will blacked-out anytime. Despite the blacking-out of the flat screen, your computer will continue to work and perform without any sickness, its like a healthy blind man. If you take a closer look at the blacked-out screen you will notice some pictures. This is because the screen is powered by two main cables, one for transmitting the pictures, images and motions and another that supply light. When your screen blacked-out meaning that something is very wrong with the light cable, this could easily be solved by computer’s store for 30 dollars or less.

Why is it that My System is heating up?

If your system got shutdown while playing game or doing some surfing, it will be an unusual occurrence for you, wouldn’t it?. When you tried to play the game again, the system got shutdown again. So, I suggest that you uninstalled the game you are playing and restart your operating system. If this problem has bothered you a lot, as your system has never encountered such a problem like this before and your system used to be very stable, before the occurrence of this problem you might need to reformat your Operating System if the matter persisted on.

The temperature of your CPU spin up to close 86 degree Celsius and it was quite clear that this high temperature was the after-effect of an over-load. Therefore, I recommends that you remove the heatsink (Arctic Cooling Super Silent 4ProL) and also clean the Arctic Silver 5, which I have previously used before. It would be better to follow the suggestion of AS about the thermal compound and you should marked the center of die with a small dot following the application of pressure with the help of heatsink. If you did this, after the cleaning of heatsink with the help of grease remover then clean the processor and the heatsink again with isopropyl alcohol of the concentration of 99.9% it would progress much more smoothly.

After all these cleaning, now your CPU will only heats up to 43 degree Celsius when it is in idle condition of Windows I believe, but the temperature will rises up to 65 degree Celsius, when it is under a certain amount of load and pressure. So, the question here is there any way to keep the CPU cool, despite it is running a heavy load? I would recommend processor 3.2E GHz Pentium 4 (Prescott) which contains the Arctic Silver 5 thermal compound.

Despite using the same 3.6 GHz (the standard VCore heatsink), your CPU will able to run all day long without any interruption and will never burn up to the mark of 48 degrees Celsius. The only thing you should altered in your CPU is the motherboard and I am pretty sure that this change has got nothing to do with the burning of CPU.

Would You Appreciate Some Help for The Serious Blue Screen Problem?

Below are some blue screen codes from several of the codes I obtained:


If you were writing a DVD and as soon as it began spinning, you got the blue screen 0x100000F4 and you don’t know why, you will want to continue reading.

This is a problem encountered by one of our Best Software 4 Download Blog readers.

This problem started arising after the purchase of a new memory and a video card. However, I only encounter this problem when my computer has been running for a long time in a stretch. During 90% of the time this happens, when I play some kind of game. When I used the Windows Memory Diagnostic, twice, for the testing of my system’s memory, I found it to be perfectly all right.  Then I put my two hard drives under scan and again I found my first hard drive (the older Maxtor) to be perfectly alright and the second hard drive (WDC) with only a few bad sectors that too got resolved after putting it under a quick test.

After a few days I encountered a new problem. My hard drive started shutting down on its own (I’m referring hard drive here, as I don’t know any other component that corresponds to the shut down) and after a few seconds it automatically turned back on. After a few minutes of restarting, sometimes a blue screen appears and sometimes not. But I can’t say for sure, if it is the hard drive that is causing the mischief of the blue screening. If it would have been for hard drive, then why initially there was no problem of shutting down?

There is another thing that I think could be the root of the trouble and that is the power source, as I don’t know the strength of power source streaming in my CPU. I also read about the video card compatibility with the power source, but even that didn’t help me a lot. It also happens sometimes that when I start the computer, I find no image at all on the screen and sometimes I find an image flashing on the screen, which I have to shut down the system again and reboot again.

Our Answers

If the temperature part of the system is working perfectly. It  will help to escape the game by pushing Alt+tab. Whenever you try to overload the system to perform more functions, it shuts down automatically. Try keeping your computer not-so-occupied or shut it down (not stand-by mode)when you are not attending to it, in order to prevent it from running for a long time.

Is It Good To Use Graphics Card?

If you are going to buy a new PC for works on the Word files, Auto CAD and often watches some video-streaming sites like, YouTube and, also loves to watch DVDs on your computer, but you ain’t into playing games. So  graphics card is definitely needed in your system to further enhance your video streamings and Dvds expenrience. A ATI graphics card that worth $100 or will take care of everything, from quality to motion.

Is Your Computer Taking A Considerable Amount Of Time before Booting?

Having a problem that is related to the motherboard? When you switch on your system it seems to be starting up, but for several minutes nothing happens like, there is no beeps, no display, no sound or anything else. But after a while the system’s BIOS POST starts automatically as if nothing had ever happened? If you thought that there would be an option for the delay in booting, but when you checked the manual and didn’t find any sort of thing like that and also checked all of the other components too like, PSU, memory, CPU, GPU, etc. and all of these seem to be in quite good condition. Then you took the help of Windows Vista memory diagnostic tool. But even after running this tool you couldn’t locate the exact problem. Even after updating the BIOS to the version F4 (i.e. the latest one) from its previous version F2, you weren’t able to sort out the problem. When your computer is in the working mode, there are no errors or any  kind error messages to be seen.

Such problems always exist if your computer has been operated daily for more than six month. Just bring your computer for some clean up and if problem still persist just switch your internal hard drive.

Is There Any Software That Provides Good Slideshow Features

Want to create some good slideshows of your favorite pictures and looking for some software which is good at creating slideshows but couldn’t find one? Looking for software that can allow you to add some music and create various transitions into your slideshow. It should also be capable of providing the features that support the addition of short videos into the slideshow. Would like to have suggestions for both kinds of software, whether it is free or paid. But, don’t intend to spend more than $70 for the software?

We might just have some good suggestions for you. Slideshow pro could be just what you are looking for, it is less than 40 bucks and you could really have to quality and you really can produce some satisfying results.

Slideshow pro

I Want To Play a PC Dual Disc

I’m quite aware of this point that the dual disc format has basically died. But somehow, I got the possession of such a disc (The Church- Forget Yourself), which I have purchased recently. So, I want to know if there is someone, who can tell me that he has successfully played the DVD-Audio side of such a disc in a PC.

I want to mention it again that I’m quite aware of the obscurity of this question, still I hope that there could be a software or some kind of plug-in that could play the disc’s DVD-A side. But up till now, I haven’t been successful in finding such kind of software.  When I tried to play it in Nero 7, it said, it can’t be played in the Showtime. Then I tried to play it in Windows Media Player and it also said that the format of the disc can’t be supported. These kinds of problems occurred with many other players too.

The Dual Disc basically has two sides, one for the DVD and another for CD. If you want to listen to song/audio you need to flip it over to the CD side and if that doesn’t work try ripping it to play.

Which Kind of CULV Chips Should You Use?

Buy a notebook comprising of the latest Intel CULV chips. You should know it very well that MSI has just launched a notebook that contains this CULV chip, If you want to buy only the notebook of Acer or ASUS or more specifically ASUS UX30  or Acer 3810T.

We have done some researching and visited the site of Intel, but found that it is quite difficult to ascertain the quality of different CULV chips. As far as we think, the speed of the CULV chips ranges from 1.2GHz to 1.6GHz. These chips can be supported by the Celeron version (Single Core) or by the Dual Core. An ASUS eeePC 1000HE that contains the Atom N280 (1.66 GHz.), despite the speed limit of these chips (1.6 GHz.); they can very easily beat the N280 chip. We would recommend a Core 2 Duo SU9400 or SU9600.

It is impossible for the Dual Core with a slower clock to be faster than the Single Core with a higher clock. And a ATI graphics card would do great for your choice even though, you are not used to do any complex graphics work on your pc, If you just want to use the Windows 7 with your 3-4 GB memory for multitasking.

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