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The Google Chrome team is fulfilling its promise to Mac users; a promise of providing the browser in a native version. Some days back Mac and Linux users were provided with a desired version of Chrome, but Google itself doesn’t want you to download this developer software version.

Are you confused? Want to know why Google is not recommending everyone to download this latest prerelease version of Chrome specially developed for Mac? The truth is this version is not completed yet. Next question that makes way to your mind is how incomplete? You will be shown this on going through the following lines.

Installation process is easy and straight when working with any of the Mac application. A file with .dmg extension of 29.7 Mb is to be downloaded. Simply drag Chrome app icon onto application folder of your computer. Google has placed a warning message when Google Chrome is opened on Mac application stating that this version is in the early development stage to make aware the user that this is not a fully developed version.

One of the changes observed when using this browser in Mac version is the blue bar on the top not appearing when used with Windows XP; instead a glossy silver bar that is similar to Safari 4 makes its way. All the rest is same as Chrome when used for Windows; the first page catering most visited sites, bookmarks and a search box for history. Chrome seams to be faster than Safari 4 Beta or Firefox browsers when any general website is opened using Chrome. Though this observation is not done using perfect calculation, this is a general observation done just to give a general feel of how Chrome operates in Mac application.

That’s all something good about Chrome for Mac applications. Before the users make hue and cry about this latest version, product managers of Chrome for Mac managers has in their release post have very clearly stated that in this latest version of Chrome for Mac applications, one can’t enjoy YouTube videos, privacy settings can’t be changed or the change in default search engine can’t be brought about. Web page printing can’t be done.

When tried to open Incognito window with Chrome for Mac application, it didn’t worked instead was locked in the middle of the screen and had to enforce Chrome to exit. Except that, there isn’t any other crashes were observed. This early version of Chrome for Mac Application users has a long way to go before it attains the status of complete browser and makes its presence felt in mainstream. The things that really help it to become default browser for users are still to be incorporated in this browser. If you are interested in having Chrome for your Mac application for trial purpose, you can have a taste at the following link but remember that this version at present can’t be used in general, its far away from the ideal browser with all the impeccable features.

Download Google Chrome for Mac

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