Microsoft’s Windows 7 is set to debut for $50

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Window’s 7 Home Premium will be available for pre-order this coming Friday.

Microsoft is releasing the latest version of their operating systems for only US$49.99.

Windows users who would rather wait for the general retail launch coming this October 22 will have to pay double of what they would be paying if they buy it this Friday.

To know more about this much awaited offer and its pricing plans, Windows users will have to wait for Thursday, when Microsoft will finally disclose the details to its new operating system.

Similarly when Microsoft released other versions of windows, it is also presumed that Window’s 7’s special offers will start by allowing people who purchased PCs using Windows Vista, Window’s 7 predecessor, convert into the latest operating system for no charge at all. Although there hasn’t been a direct statement from Microsoft about his offer, observers expect it to happen just the same.

Windows loyal users and switchers alike can avail of this special preorder deal at a discount starting June 26 up to July 11. An option is available between purchasing the Home Premium version discounted price or the Professional Windows 7; the latter costing US$99.99 in guarantee. This offer will also be available in Canada around the similar time but costing C$64.99 (US$56.38) for the Windows 7 Home Premium version and C$124.99 for Professional.

Microsoft is aiming to get a record number of people upgrading to Windows 7 hence the lower price. Directions analyst on Microsoft, Michael Cherry stated “It’s to Microsoft’s advantage to attract as many people to upgrade to Windows 7 as soon as they possibly can. So much of the Windows 7 work has been cutting of barriers to upgrading. So they are taking the steps of lowering down the price during the pre-launch to get people to think about not waiting.”

U.K, France and Germany are also anticipated to take part in the preorder deal when it becomes available to them from July 15 until August 14. However, a shorter preorder period is expected to run in Japan from this Friday up to July 5.

Windows XP or Windows Vista users can avail of this special offer.

Come general retail launch of Windows 7 this October 22, the operating systems will be available to present XP and Vista users for US$119.99 for Home Premium, US$199.99 for Professional, and US$219.99 for Ultimate. Switchers are offered US$199.99 for Home Premium, US$299.99 for Professional, and $319.99 for Ultimate.

Home Premium will cost €119.99 (US$167.30), Professional for €285.99, and Ultimate at €299.99 in Europe. European Union regulations limit Microsoft from offering two separate products and prices. This one price per version for all users is Microsoft’s initiative to make the full versions available for lower price throughout the end of the year.

Users in Europe are also required to install the operating systems full as upgrading is not possible when buying the packaged software. Computer makers and retailers alike are ready to pitch in help for their customers switching to the latest operating systems.

Microsoft has also stated that it will be shipping a different version of Windows 7 in Europe, featuring a no-browser package as the regulators keep avid watch out for Internet Explorer bundling in Windows.

General Manager of product management for Windows, Mike Ybarra noted that on its general retail release on October 22, every major computer maker will be selling PCs with Windows 7 in all languages. The idea behind this swift start is to make Windows 7 accessible globally, in contrast to its Microsoft OS predecessors. On October 22, the software is expected to be available in 14 languages, while completion of the remaining 21 languages is set to debut on October 31. Microsoft has a track record of taking only three months to distribute the software in all languages globally, said Mike Ybarra.

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