The O&O Security weeks for enterprises


The O&O Security Weeks  for small, medium and large-sized enterprises. From July 1 to September 30, 2009, anyone buying O&O DiskImage 4 Server Edition and/or Workstation Edition in the 5+ and higher volume levels gets the corresponding 12 month Maintenance Agreement entirely FREE! Your customer saves 20%, and you guarantee business for next year!!

This offer covers also protection for product upgrades and technical support!

O&O DiskImage 4

Creating images of entire servers is one of the standard measures currently taken by companies for protecting their data and system configurations. O&O DiskImage Server Edition takes this once step further by providing features that make your job as an Administrator significantly easier. Among these features are the network support made possible by O&O Enterprise Management Console and the Job Assistant for time-scheduling a variety of jobs. Remote installation and creating images within a network can now be done directly from your workstation. What’s more, forensic imaging for purposes of data recovery and the Start CD (which can be used even under defective Windows systems) are often the very last hope for your company%u2019s data when trouble strikes.

  • NEW: Direct conversion and restoration of virtual hard disks (VHD)
  • NEW: Changes computer names, SID and security name
  • NEW: Graphical display of hard disk usage
  • NEW: Additional compression type (BZIP2)
  • NEW: TrayIcon to provide information on service and job status
  • Job Assistant for regular images
  • Creation of System and partition images, also during operations
    (Hot Imaging)
  • Start CD with base operating system and system rescue tools

Download actual O&O DiskImage 3.5

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