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unofficial-windows-7-wallpaperMicrosoft is finally releasing the much awaited new Windows operating system. The industry giant has made a lot of its patrons much thrilled with all the pre-testing, beta releases, and demos. With its plan of major release coming closer to realization, the eager fans can barely contain their excitement. There have been numerous articles about the upgrade, but below are the most important points you need to know with the new Windows Operating System.

When is the big date?

Microsoft released an official statement that the major release would be on October 22. By this date, everyone will have access to the full version, while the beta release is scheduled to expire next week. Its beta version was released in February, quickly followed by its Release Candidate in May, which will still be download-available until August 15.

What are my options?

There are several different versions of the new Windows 7, 6 editions to be exact. The versions are Home Basic, Home Premium, OEM, Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate. Each has its own target niche and won’t be appearing all at the same time in the shops. Microsoft is moving towards focusing its market’s attention on editions such as Home Premium and Professional.

To go work with the European Union (EU) standards, there will be European editions released. These versions will be available in different markets around the globe, even the one which doesn’t use Internet Explorer.

What makes it better?

The new Microsoft-developed operating system, Windows 7, will have its features stored in machines. This applies to all the version of Windows 7 operating system. What’s a key advantage is that its users can get additional features of the OS through its Windows Anytime Upgrade tool.

Will it burn my pocket?

Windows is offering a time-limited deal for availing the new OS versions to Japan, Canada, and U.S. customers. The Windows 7 Home Premium version is offered at $49.99, while the Professional version is set at $99.99. This temporary deal will stretch in U.S. and Canada until July 11, and in Japan until July 5. This is more of a time-limit than a quantity quota though. There is no explicit number of sales before they pull the plug on the deal.

UK, France, and Germany users will have to wait for the pre-order offer to start on July 15.

How can I get them?

This time-bound deal is on a pre-order basis. Users can get their fingers on the upgrade simply by purchasing it online; no more lines, no more pesky customers in front of you asking everything about the system when they could’ve done their research beforehand, you just need to hit that “buy” button, and sit back.

For U.S. customers, Windows 7 can be ordered online through Amazon, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, NewEgg, Costco, Office Depot, Tiger Direct, Fry’s Electronics, Office Max’s and Sam’s Club.

Canada residents can pre-order the new operating system from Amazon, Staples, London Drugs, Best Buy, and Future Shop.

Customers in Japan can avail the upgrades from Amazon, Yodobashi Camera, Bic Camera, and Yamada Denki.

The reduced-price offer is available for Windows XP and Vista installed computers, but Windows XP users will need to clean install the new operating system, same as 32-bit Windows versions as they will have to move to 64-bit.

Where are my Window 7 Ultimate and Professional upgrades discount?

Unfortunately, there is no discount offers for computers using Vista Ultimate to move to the upgraded Windows 7 Ultimate. This upgrade would cost them a hefty $299.99, while Professional Upgrades are set at $199.99.

What if I lost track of the time-limited deal?

Customers, who wish to avail of the Windows 7 operating system upgrades after the time-bound special offer, can get the OS for $119.99 for Home Premium version, and $199.99 for the Professional Upgrade version, these prices are the original prices that will also be offered on October 22 (major launch of the OS). These prices are for those computers running on Windows XP and Vista.

For computers who will need the new installments and not just upgrades, the prices are set for $199.99 for Windows 7 Home Premium, $299.99 for Professional Edition, and $319.99 for Ultimate Edition.

Lucky qualifying customers who have computers on Vista can get free Windows 7 upgrades from HP and Lenevo.

What do I need to run the new OS?

There are requirements for optimal usage of the new Windows 7 operating systems. Microsoft designed the new OS to run best for Windows Vista users who have the recommended system requirements.

It is best to compare your existing computer specs with these requirements. Below is what computers need to run the OS:

32-bit (x86) processors on 1GHZ or faster 64-bit (x64) processors on 1GHZ or faster
16GB available disk space 20GB available disk space
Direct X 9 Graphics Processor with WDDM 1.0 or higher Direct X 9 Graphics Processor with WDDM 1.0 or higher

Will my notebook be eligible for the upgrades?

Up to date netbooks are capable or running Windows 7 but there is still a gray area on how computers without optical drives will receive the OS. Rumor suggests that Microsoft is planning to sell the Windows 7 in usb-compatible packages to cater to netbook users. There is also the option of having retailers install the upgrades themselves.

I’m planning to buy a computer soon; can I get the upgrades for free?

Microsoft will offer free upgrades for customers who purchases new Windows Vista based computers between today and the major release on October 22.

Customers with new Windows Vista computers can avail the Home Premium, Professional, and Ultimate versions of the new OS. However, shipped computers running on Windows Vista Home Basic are not qualified for the promo. Installment of the free upgrades can be availed up to January 2010.

What happens after the major launch?

After the official launch of the Windows 7 OS editions on October 22, customers can purchase computers already running on the new OS versions.

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