Facebook Reaches A Landmark – 250 Million Users

Proceeding ahead and achieving yet another milestone, in its journey towards ruling the Internet is Facebook the social networking site which announced that it has reached 250 million people as users in just span of over three months from the time site had reached 200 million users. This announcement was made on the same day when Nielsen Co. reported that Facebook is the site where people spent more time than any site on internet.

In his blog post, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg thanked every one by stating that 250 million people using Facebook have given live and meaning to the site. He added that each person joining Facebook has made the better by his or her presence and their friends and family can get connected with each other and have better feeling of togetherness. On the other hand people at Facebook are not only impressed by the figure of 250 million users but also it is a matter of connecting millions of people together around the world. All because of so many personal connections that people using Facebook has made in this short span of time.

Facebok having celebrated fifth anniversary on Feb. 4, has raced past its arch rival MySpace.com  a social networking phenomena pioneer, in the counts for monthly page view. Online researcher comScore Inc has pointed that Facebook which was thought not long back as up-coming social network has ousted Myspace in U.S. and international popularity numbers. The explosive growth of Facebook according to the report by iStrategyLabs shows that Facebook has been able to attract audiences much older than traditional college crowd.

The popularity of Facebook among U.S. high school and college age users has come down in last six months but it has become popular among the people of age group of 55 years and more. There was a staggering growth of 513.7% in number of user of age 55 years and more in previous six months, the figures given by iStrategyLab.

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