Faronics announcing Deep Freeze 6.51

Faronics is pleased to announce the release of Deep Freeze Standard and Enterprise v6.51!

This is a major release that adds the following new features (Enterprise features are listed; a PDF of new features for either edition can be found in the Content Library in the Feature History category):

– Licensing: Deep Freeze now employs the same licensing scheme as other Faronics products. Therefore, a valid License Key must be entered into the product in order to prevent it from expiring after a 30-day evaluation period.

– Wake-on-LAN (WOL) across subnets: WOL can now be used across subnets on non-class C networks.

– New Embedded Events Scheduler: The Embedded Events Scheduler now combines all possible Embedded Events onto a single configuration tab and allows for multiple events to be scheduled on a single day.

– Customizable warning messages: Customizable warning messages can now be displayed at the workstation prior to Maintenance, Restart, Shutdown, or Idle Time events and a separate customized message can be displayed during a Maintenance event.

– Event override option: Users can optionally be allowed to cancel any Embedded Event (Maintenance, Restart, Shutdown, or Idle Time) prior to execution from the workstation.

– Windows Updates that are applied via Deep Freeze are now logged to a log file.

– Multiple ThawSpaces (up to eight) can be created.

– ThawSpace(s) can individually be specified as Visible or Hidden.

– Integrated Console Customizer: Customized copies of the Enterprise Console with limited features can be created for distribution in your organization.

– Connect via Remote Desktop Connection (RDC): Administrators can take control of a remote computer through the Deep Freeze Enterprise Console via Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Protocol. RDC enables easy access, configuration, and control abilities on any networked computer.

– Remote Execute: Remotely execute an executable file on a computer.

Administrators do not have to visit each workstation to install a program, and reliance on third party management solutions is reduced.

– Push and Install MSI: Push and install a .msi file on a computer.

This allows administrators to use the Enterprise Console to install applications rather than scripting, GPOs, or using third party tools.

– Integrated Action Files: Action Files call an external program or script through the Enterprise Console to reduce the need for third party tools.

Administrators can use any scripting language that can be called through command line.

Visual indication of selected Remote Console.

– Simplified Chinese localization added.

Deep Freeze for download

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