Gmail Tips: How to work with search based approach of Gmail

Gmail has marshaled completely new way to access and manage e-mail. The following tricks and add-on will make working with Gmail still more enjoyable.

Use keyboard shortcuts: There is no need to use mouse each time you want to compose, open, label or search an e-mail message. The keyboard shortcuts will keep your inbox clean. To activate them, in Gmail settings open General tab and enable keyboard shotcuts.

Making Gmail and Google Calendar work better with extensions: The combination of Gmail and Google Calendar forms an excellent pair of apps but to have more functionality out of it use Better Gmail 2 add on to add excellent features like file-attachment icons and hierarchical labels. Better GCal can be used to redesign Google Calendar.

Integration of Gmail and Google Calendar: You can make Gmail and Google Calendar work together closer on enabling Google Calendar gadget available in Gmail Labs. The gadget creates in Gmail side bar, a daily agenda from the data that has been pulled from directly from Google Calendar.

Mechanize your Inbox: The Labels in the drop-down menu can be used to label any email message and if shortcuts are enabled then simply hit 1 and add the label you want. If same types of e-mails are labeled or enabled then go for creation of filters that stars, archives, labels, marks as read, forwards or deletes the message that matches the criteria set by you. Next to Gmail search box, create a filter enter the filter criteria and you can mechanize your inbox.

Labs to be used for advantage: Google Labs is the area to test provisional features of Gmail. The Gmail team keeps on adding new features in Labs so it is recommended to use these features for new functionalities.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Quick Searches: To find any particular thing very quickly, keyword shortcuts proves to be handy. For that type ‘/’ to have search box, provided keyboard shortcuts are turned on and then type the keyword along with other required information to have the quick search.

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