High-Caliber Malware Lose Steam If Your PC Is Up-To-Date

The samples of ‘bait’ documents used in well-planned target attacks point to the importance of automatic updates. A PC with up-to-date software is found to deflect the malware that normally escapes the human eye.

Any day, our natural instincts are better than sophisticated computer programs. However, there are times, when our defenses are down, these deadly malware sneak past us.

Most of them are well-written mails that are sent to a selected few in highly sensitive positions in a company. These mails would not have any of the errors or typos seen usually in a regular malware. As they are not dispatched en masse, it is difficult to spot them as well. However, they are more virulent than the mass-produced ones.

Out of the seven ‘bait’ document samples published by F-Secure, only one might set off a warning signal in a sharp observer. All the others are innocent-looking files that are capable of infecting the target PC and extract the necessary information from it. All the samples are meant only for particular individuals in unique positions. These samples have the ability to install malware in the targeted PC that will act as a remote control to extract data from it.

Even though the news is shocking, there is no need to panic. If your PC has up-to-date software, these malware are rendered toothless. The problem may arise when the malware targets unpatched zero-day software flaw. As this is frequently the case, the only way out is to have automatic updates for your software. When your PC is primed for action, the malware will be left with no ammo for attack. Your PC will be in a position to disarm the intruder easily.

Hit the ‘Yes’ button without doubt for those automatic updates.

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