How To Keep Your PC Secured and Increase Its Speed?

To clean your hard disks make use of file management and deletion software and for protection of privacy of your family use child-friendly tools.

Technology’s primary aim was to make our lives easier but it seems to do opposite? If living in the world of continuous technological overdose has left you exhausted, we present you few solutions for that. The informative tips in our package “Simplify Your Life” will make you aware of the way to travel smarter, will help you save money when you opt for things that you need, will save time and effort, get ride of headaches, keep your workplace clean, makes your PC and data secured and assist you in managing media. The journey for ultimate 21st-century Zen state begins here and right now.

Increase Speed and Have Your PC Secured

In today’s world, your PC being heart of your work and play, it is as vital as your life. The easy tips will help you make your system clutter-free, enhance its performance, and make it malware-free and fight other security threats. Also protect your kids with a time management device and safe search software.

Let File-Sorting Software Clean Up Windows

(Required Effort – Minimal, Cost – Free)

For optimum use of your PC, all you need is to organize your PC. Let’s begin with download folder of browser in your PC. Firefox users are provided with free add-on in the form of Automatic Save Folder that saves downloads automatically depending on the file extension into user specified folders or on the site from where the file came. For entire Windows PC, to get similar functionality better try Belvedere, a free application created to have automatic file sorting done to any folder. One of the best tips to increase your PC’s boot time is to remove any unnecessary startup applications.

Let Boot and Nuke Wipe Old Hard Drive

(Required Effort – Moderate, Cost – Free)

When you are about to sell your old PC or returning burnt hard drive, one important thing that is to be kept in mind is deleting files is not the guarantee that they are gone for ever. For cleaning your hard disk in a proper manner, you simply don’t have to toss files in Recycle Bin to make it empty, but also it is required to overwrite data on the disks. In short not going into much of technical aspects on this point, you are advised to use Darik’s Boot and Nuke. Boot and Nuke is a boot-disk utility, free of cost that wipes data from any hard disk that too securely making use of one of the tried and tested methods. One your disk has gone through Darik’s Boot and Nuke; you have no doubt about data not gone.

Protect Your Children Online With KidRex and KidZui

(Required Effort – Moderate, Cost – Free)

Are you worried about what your son or daughter is up to when on internet; it doesn’t looks good to be near your son or daughter just to peep into the screen of the PC, let this job of monitoring be done with the help of few simple software. Internet is full of search engines that provide child friendly interface and search results. KidRex, a search site uses Google SafeSearch along with its own database to keep things clean in search by avoiding unsuitable keywords and content. The web browser KidZui, a complete browser that’s kid oriented, not only engages children with fun interface but also helps in protecting them with built-in safeguards.

Let Time Machine Limit Your Kids’ Games

(Required Effort – Moderate, Cost – $40)

With kids so engrossed in their Xbox 360, they are lost in their world of games not knowing how much valuable time of their life they are losing in this not so creative work. To keep check on this losing time when over a television playing games, Time Machine is a handy tool; it restricts your children’s time of play. The video game console is converted by Time Machine into arcade-type machine where one requires token to play for certain period of time only. When the allotted time, as per the tokens is over, Time Machine closes down the game. This way by providing your children with the tokens for the time for which you want your children to play, you will be restricting the time of their games.

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  • i think all we need to do is be careful when surfing the web, dont download all the software. use firefox and install google toolbar plugin and noscripts, surfing the web will be much safer. and install a antivirus , free or paid ( paid is not really necessary cause avoiding virus is better than healing ). sometimes defrag your disk and install ccleaner to remove garbage from your PC. Good luck !

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