Mozilla’s Add-on For More Efficient Web Browsing

In these five years, Mozilla has changed for better Internet browsing experience where it has produced stable applications that are open-source to make our virtual lives simpler. The Firefox’s latest version shows how Mozilla combines practical features into its products such as including tear away tabs, private browsing and location awareness along with maintaining strong user base and delivery of stable browser.

Things don’t end here. Mozilla Labs has come up with many new open source add-ons with Firefox that has intension of increasing web experience and will promote better and more efficient browsing. The users with Firefox for long time are well aware of ability of browser to become fully customized on including add-ons so new and unusual mixture of changes getting out of Mozilla Labs is no surprise. Here are few latest releases from the favorite open sorcerers but using most of the Mozilla Labs projects will be at your own risk as these projects are in a prototype stage.


Bespin is an integral add-on to increase productivity in a more organized way; it has a code editor which supports simultaneously the open source community. Experimental code editor of Bespin which is based on HTML-5 has all the basic features needed to write code with almost infinite number of code lines and also allows syntax highlighting in HTML, Javascript and CSS. It also has nifty code bank.

Using this application one you can make available your complete web code available to other Bespin users so in addition to receiving feedback on your work, you can have contribution from other users. Sometimes if you intend to learn from other people, plug-ins from others source codes is easily pulled on by this web based editor and hence allow you to mix the two or otherwise get inspiration from others to write.

The simple and easy to use are the features of editor’s user interface. Its horizontal and vertical scroll bars are helpful in bringing innovation with the code editor and also overcomes UI restrictions. Whatever be your speed of typing, Bespin’s instinctive design see to it that its not a letter behind you.


To be very frank, computer user interfaces can be very dull. There is nothing wrong in making your web browser well-groomed and smart; thats what Personas of Mozilla does. It is based on the concept that themes relevant for today may be hard to find and install; the graphic designers should be able to exhibit their art work without constructing any code.

Being simple Personas can be installed as add-on. All that is needed is to fire it and you will be able to browse a vast library exhibited on the web. You have large options to select from default skins that are beautiful nature scenes or Firefox’s mascot Foxkeh. You may browse to search other Personas users’ customized skins or find time to create your own.


Prism is an add-on used to extract the link (the one to be used usually many times) and place it on desktop as a shortcut so as to run it as a separate process even without firing your browser. This feature has been brought by Moxzilla only and can be treated as new and unusual considering that services like Google calendar doesn’t have one of their own application.

The Prism applications are no different as they can be assessed just like any other program available on your desktop. Prism can be launch from the start menu or via the taskbar when used in windows. Prism can enable web applications such as Flicker, Facebook and Gmail which you want to run all the time when start your computer or in case system in idle state.

This application can be used in the best way for integrating web links that you use very extensively like applications. For example if you have a mail to link that opens into your mail client then placing your webmail link on desktop and able to execute it from the desktop each time you have to use will prevent the long procedure of bookmarking the site, logging in the website and then typing the web address to which an email is to be sent.

In addition to this at times browsers crash so the work is all lost. Prism separates web apps from Firefox’s processes and so you will be able to get Gmail even when there is a problem with browser.


Mozilla intends that Firefox should provide more user control over personal information and data as web progresses further with no compromise on rich browsing experience. The first component in this direction is Weave Sync, which converts into code and synchronizes with security bookmarks, passwords, history, preferences and tabs into Mozilla cloud.

Other than your username and password, Weave encrypts your data with pass phrase that you and only you know. This is handy for internet users who have more than one machines for their work, Weave will assist in maintaining same Firefox experience with each computer that you use.


If you have no objection for a bit of mess in navigation bar located at the top of your browser window, an add-on from Mozilla called Operator that brings a totally new concept in terms of usability to websites. Here microformats are kept along with others within the web. As for example if are to visit a website but can’t locate a Digg button on the page, then the only thing to be done is to use resources tab on toolbar so that Operator will be able to provide instant link.

Operator also provides links to search a blog entry for specific tag. If you are at a site like, an event can be exported mapped onto Google maps or will be able to contact the venue where the event is to take place.

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