Required to Fix Photo Quickly – Think of Photoshop Express

Photo Editing Not a Big Problem – Photoshop Express is for Your Help

If your system doesn’t have a photo editor installed and needs some quick operations on your photos then what can be done? The solution to your problem is with Adobe’s Photoshop Express. Photoshop is a free web based solution for editing, uploading and sharing of photos.

Its up to You – Register or Test Drive

To try Photoshop Express, it is not essential to register. Once you enter the site, Test Drive button is to be clicked so that you can be allowed to work with large number of already existing photos on the site. Though you cannot save the changes, you can get the feel of what you can do with Photoshop. On registering with Photoshop you will be able to upload your own photos as you are provided 2 GB space. Also you can browse galleries and use various repair tools from Photoshop Express to fix common problems.

Different Tools

To link, rotate, email, download, embed or use a picture in some other way, all you require is to click ‘Picture Tools’ and use the option that you desire.

Basic Editing of Picture

For editing in case of any problem or even for fun, select Edit Photo. The changes that can be produced on photo are

Crop & Rotate – It supports normal photo sizes and is used for making crooked photos straight.

Auto Correct, Exposure and Saturation – There are different previews with different adjustment levels, on opting different preview option, the main photo gets changed accordingly.

Touchup – As the name suggests gives the finer adjustment I the photo.

Red Eye Removal – removes you-know-what with a single click.

More than the Basics

The various preset adjustments provided by Tuning menu are for – highlights, white balance, sharpening, fill light and soft focus.

The Effect =s Menu is for adjusting the effects of Hue, Color, Distortion, Tint, Sketch effects and Black and white conversions.

Share Your Photos

My Gallery menu will help you share the albums that you specify. The photos that you have displayed on other websites like Facebook, Picasa or Photobucket can be edited by Photoshop Express.

Photoshop – Not a Complete Solution to Photo Editing

Though Photoshop Express has brought many features with ease to work at your figure tips, if you are to fix a really bad photo then tools like Levels, skin tone white balance and others are missing in Photoshop Express.

Photoshop is meant for JPEG photos only not for TIFF or RAW files. Files larger than 10 MP or 4000 pixels respectively in height and width can’t be uploaded. Photos larger than 2880 x 2880 are resized and photos more than 100 cannot be fed at a time. It can work with Windows XP, Vista, 1024×768 or larger screen, Firefox 2 or above, IE 6 or 7, MacOS 10.4 or higher.

It’s no complete application but is handy to help you when in tight corner, helping you to give place to store some photos. It provides you a way to have fun with the pictures. Its still in beta stage, can be hoped to get better with time. The things that it is not ready to cope up may be taken care in the days to come by providing better features and removing the drawbacks it has. Since its web based the best thing about it is – it is ready always.

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