Software Suites That USB Key Should Carry for Better Working on PC

usb3_02_fullUSB key, a four gigabyte device, is used by many on daily basis. Normally USB key is used to easily transfer files from desktop PC to laptop and also to carry files that are required to be accessed without an internet connection when drop-box is not of use. If one is to visit friend’s place then copying a movie on the drive to be watched together at friend’s place on PC or home theatre is not a bad idea. When traveling, if one is not in mood to read then can copy some games with USB key to pass the time playing them. USB keys can be treated as more than trusted friends of people mad about the computers.

Another way to extend functionality of your desktop into portable realm is with the aid of application suites to be used with USB keys. Get these applications software on USB key and carry them along to the places where you move; these soft wares are going to help you when you are on the computer that is not yours to access apps range better than Windows’ default programs. The batches of applications can be placed on USB keys to increase the life of these devices. With this storage will decrease but functionality will increase.

Portable Apps

Portable Apps are alpha and omega of portable application which you might have heard before the software suits in this category. The space taken by this application range from 1.3MB to 355 MB and is available in the pack of three software bundles. This application pack consists of Mozilla applications, games, a portable antivirus sanner, Open Office suite and few more. For full list check out!

Lupo PenSuite

If you treat Portable Apps as a package then three versions of Lupo PenSuite ranging from 3 MB to 300 MB that includes more than 200 apps will me more than a package. The apps in Lupo PenSuite have their themes based on Multimedia, Internet, Graphics, Security, System, Utility, Office, Games and Extra. Highlights of this package is uTorrent’s portable version, the apps for audio editing and ripping or burning apps for CD, more than what you might have thought. The other main apps are Gimp to be used for photo editing, CPU-Z and JKDefrag Plus to help you for system information and cleaning of drive, CCleaner for making the system clutter-free and Notepad++ to add colored syntax to file editing. These are not all the apps available, actually these are part of the long list available.

My Apps

If you are fed up with having application suites where five percent of the listed programs are of your use, then why can’t you pick and choose your own programs that are going to serve you better? It may happen that you will be better than an average suite developer when it comes to forming a bundle for use. After all you will be in better position to judge which app is more relevant to your use. Apps available are many but when it comes to forming a package not call packages are customized that is formation of package according to your needs. Here you have an option of going to Regional Support Centre Scotland, an official site for North and East to create My Apps listing that has all the apps as per your desire and requirement. For that you have to pick the programs for your key and automatically site will make a single install file for you. Those’s really very easy but if you are in no mood to do that then select one of the packages Access Apps, Teach Apps and Learn Apps which are already in ready to use state.


Mojopac is more of a virtualized operating system than an application suite. USB key can be used to load and boot into any PC with Windows XP, the Window environment for this has to be different. The program has feature of connecting with already existing files on the hard drive system to create a second operating system. The contents of this OS remain yours only with you having control of installing programs, tweaking and modifying. When you have finished with the work it is time to shut your personalized OS and it seems as if you have done nothing on the system that you have been working with.

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  • Ado

    You should also try SSuite Office for a free portable office suite. They have a whole range of office suites that are free for downloan including mobile/portable usb office suites.

    Their software also don’t need to run on Java or .NET, so it makes the software very small and efficient.

    You can try these links:

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