Use Your iPhone to Find Yourself Some Marijuana

A newly approved application by Apple allows iPhone users to locate pharmacies legally dispensing of curative marijuana. Making it to the top of the news, this development will surely catch the eye of many an iPhone fan.

Of course, the “Cannabis” drug is also legally dispensed for medical and therapeutic purposes by some pharmacies and dispensaries, so this should not be overly-exciting news for the die-hard hippie.

In 2006, the founder of released “Cannabis” – the first medicinal marijuana dispensary locator on the internet. A user-friendly application, which is quick and easy to use, this ‘marijuana-finding’ application can be installed on an iPod Touch or an iPhone. The application displays a map on your screen which will help you find your way to the nearest legalized marijuana dispensary.

Not only does it show a map, it also gives you clear and simple directions on how to get there by using Google Maps. Further, and funnier, if you encounter any legal barriers when purchasing your prescribed marijuana, the application will also show you a map of where the nearest ‘marijuana case’ specializing lawyer is, so you can avail of legal advice and measures to keep your stash.

It doesn’t stop there. If you are in one of the 37 states in the US where medicinal marijuana is not yet legal, the Cannabis app will also give you directions on how to locate the closest marijuana activist group to you. This way, you can lend a hand in promoting the medicinal use of marijuana to support some policy reform. Only 13 states in the US have legalized medicinal marijuana, similar to some existing policies in parts of Europe.

With the Cannabis app, the user can find any pharmacy or dispensary dispensing of marijuana by prescription. It would be appropriate to note the key word “prescription” in the preceding sentence. So if you are a marijuana user by virtue of your doctor’s advice and medical and professional recommendation, then the Cannabis application will be perfect for your needs!

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