Windows Vista Users Disappointed by upcoming Windows 7 Deal

When Microsoft announced that its next version of the Windows operating system will start rolling out, owners of Vista Ultimate, Microsoft’s current premiere operating system, were anticipating that they would be given preferential treatment in terms of discounts when the owners finally make the upgrade to Windows 7. However, Microsoft’s decision to exclude Window’s 7 Ultimate on a time-limited discount on pre-orders left many Vista Ultimate owners dismayed.

The intense disappointment is understandable given the poor reviews Vista has received and the many undelivered promises Microsoft gave to Vista Ultimate owners like “Ultimate Extras”. The extras pack was supposed to be a premiere set  of cutting edge software, additional services and publications that would be regularly given to owners of  the primary operating system.

Microsoft soon announced that they would stop issuing out the extra services  and concentrate instead on developing Windows 7. This got a lot of Vista Ultimate owners upset and they said that one way of appeasing those who felt ripped off was by way of substantial discounts to Windows 7 Ultimate.

Analysts of the software industry cautioned Microsoft on their pricing scheme and urged the software giant to appease angry customers by offering a free upgrade. The cost of an upgrade to Windows 7 Ultimate has been said to be $219 while a new purchase will fall somewhere near $319.99. The upgrade price has left quite a few customers rankled, especially those who felt that Vista was an inferior product and believed that Windows 7 should at least be treated as something equal to a service pack to Vista.

Customer reactions reached as far as some writing official complaints to Steve Ballmer stating that since Microsoft failed to deliver on some promised extras, the very least Microsoft should to do to take care of customers is to give current Vista Ultimate edition owners a substantial discount to purchase/upgrade to Windows 7 Ultimate. As commentators on the software scene observed, Microsoft should win back these customers by at least providing an easy upgrade path to Windows 7 by discounting or at most freely give the next Windows version to customers who were disappointed with Vista Ultimate.

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