Added Features Of Windows 7 On Desktop, Start Menu And Taskbar

kde_plasmaThe Windows 7 GUI if you look from a distance is similar to the previous version Windows Vista. It is on having closer look you realize that Windows 7 has done a big improvement by providing more power as well as customization and improved ways to open programs and files that are used number of times.

Gadgets – Getting Maximum out of them

Windows 7 just like Windows Vista has many desktop gadgets like customizable clock, mini Windows Media Player and RSS feed aggregator. Windows 7 does not keep desktop gadgets on the edge of the display at a fixed point rather it allows them to be placed any where on the display. Here is how you can place a gadget at a location on desktop where you desire with the display options you need.

1 – Right-click to select any Gadget on your desktop at empty spot.

2 – To select Clock Gadget double-click it.

3 – Close gadget by clicking close.

4 – The gadget appears at upper right hand corner of the display. Bring the Gadget to the preferred location by click and drag.

5 – Click wrench for choosing options.

6 – The different display options can be selected with the use of arrow buttons.

7 – Enter settings to customize the gadget.

8 – Click OK to finish.

9 – Gadget should be right clicked to put the options such as location and opacity. For example select the option Always on Top and opacity 60%.

10 – In this example clock to show eBay time is configured and is place at the top of the browser window.

Follow the above steps to customize the gadgets of your preference. You can put the gadgets on primary or additional displays which ever you use. On clicking link Get More Gadgets Online in Steps 2 and 3 the additional gadgets can be downloaded. You can choose from 3000 gadgets.

Pinning power

Pinning stands for ability to keep shortcuts to files and programs on list for a period as per your desire. The programs in Windows 7 can be pinned to both the taskbar and Start menu. The program can be pinned to taskbar by right clicking its taskbar icon and selecting Pin This Program to Taskbar. The program can be pinned to Start menu by right clicking program icon and selecting Pin to Start Menu. Program can be pinned to Taskbar from this menu also.

Pinning Power for Files

You have an option to access frequently used files in an easier way by using pinning power. Some programs maintain recently opened files as Jump List. To pin file to the jump list of the program, open the file after starting the program that hosts it and then close it. The file should be listed in the Jump List. Now move your mouse to data file listing and click the icon – push pin.

The pinned file can be accessed through Taskbar, all you have to do is right click the program icon and select the file from pinned menu. The file if pinned will remain on the list irrespective of the number of files opened or closed. The pinned data files can be opened from Start menu by clicking right pointer for the display of jump list.

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