Beware of Disguised Facebook Widgets to Protect your Privacy

The risk involved in using Facebook widgets is explained by experts in computer virus protection and provides tips for users to protect their privacy.

As per security specialists from Avira, the Facebook applications that persuade users to take part in quizzes and games can be harmful to the users. The applications intended to harm the users are disguised so cleverly into advertising banners that their appearance and function is mimicked to perfection with Facebook applications. When a web user clicks on these look alike Facebook applications instead of reaching Facebook server he is diverted to different server without he being aware of that. These fake widgets are designed and programmed in such a fashion that user will have no suspicions even when he is using it.

The web application intended for fraud will request for additional very vital information like mobile number the requirement for delivering game’s result. The text message sent in response of the query will prove to be disastrous as that will be taken as confirmation of agreement with fraudsters for subscription. The details of the agreement are kept in small print so that user is not able to clear view before sending the information required by these fraudsters. The damage in terms of amount of money is known once the said amount is debited with the next phone bill.

There is risk involved in every instant where the personal information is asked for within the social network on web. The applications from the trusted source are to be installed even if one is using Facebook. Also one should think twice before revealing personal data on any platform. The privacy can be secured with few easy steps of changing settings. The correct checkmarks set in Facebook under privacy settings will add security to your internet experience. All fields in your Profile area should be set to “Only Friends” only – one of the safest approaches. Also here caution is to be followed as every person behind friendship invitation is not a real friend.

For advertisements also the settings can be changed, under Settings/Privacy Settings/News Feed and Wall you will find Facebook Ads tab in that you select “No One” in the box. The applications’ individual access rights can be set under Settings / Application Settings / Edit Settings. The settings with respect to your private domain should also be set to “Only Friends”. The closer look at settings for additional approvals will be an added security to your privacy.

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