Brits prefers Technology against Food and Holidays even in Recession

According to Ofcom, about 40 percent of the Brits would do away with their holidays and making merry by eating out of budget in an attempt to beat recession instead of cutting money to be spent on technology. What a way to remain neck to neck with changing world.

As per the annual Communications Market Report of watchdog, the big global question of beating the recession was answered by Brits; statistically 19 percent of Brits were ready to cut the spending on mobile phone while 41 percent had found the solution to recession by not going on holiday. The percentage of Brits ready to slash their subscription costs of TV were only 16 percent. Brits who said that they were considering the control of expenditure through reduction on spending on internet charges were only 10 percent. This survey confirms and reinforces the comments by families in Britain earlier.

Ofcom added that more than 250,000 new broadband connections in mobile were added in May 2009 which was much more than 139,000 that were added in same period previous year. One of the reasons for this rise in connections is due to the fact that mobile phone contacts and cost of mobile handsets have become cheaper along with the fall in TV and internet services cost.

Peter Phillips from Ofcom said that people in Britain in spite of recession are watching TV for more time, accessing the internet extensively or using mobile phone. They are ready to give up holiday plans or lavish meals for broadband, phone or Package of pay TV.

The survey has also brought forth a very important aspect of web users. These web users about 50 percent of them are using Facebook a social networking with average number of hours spent on the site Facebook six a month as compared to average four hours in May previous year. The site Facebook is more popular with people in lower age group; about 46 percent of the users in the age group of 25 to 34 years are using Facebook where as 35 percent of the users in the age group of 35 to 54 years are members of Facebook.

The Brits using online TV services has increased form 17 percent in the year 2007 to 23 percent at present times. The iPlayer from BBC is chosen by 15 percent of the total internet users.

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