Doubts Cleared About Caffeine – a Big Infrastructural Change by Google

Google-Caffine_320Caffeine an advanced web search platform was unveiled by Google. This tool of Google is much faster, more comprehensive and accurate than the present setup of Google search. Goggle’s dominance in internet’s search engine can be felt from the fact that three-fourth of the U.S. based searches in the month of June have been done on Google as per the statistics provided by Hitwise, a web metrics company. So any change in the search platform is bound to raise many questions. The following are FAQ on new Caffeine system of Google – all about the new system and how it is to be more helpful:

What is Caffeine?

The latest and advanced version of Google’s search engine is called Caffeine which assists you in finding answers to the queries that you type.

Where can it be found?

The web developer preview is set up by Google at to test Caffeine. The site has limitation at present; it cannot work on mobile phone.

What is the difference between Caffeine and the current Google search engine?

The Google engineers have worked on search engine’s infrastructure. Google is not disclosing about the exact change that they have worked on but what seems to be the main aim of this latest version is the speed of getting results; with Caffeine the results shown are faster and slightly different, the difference that may or may not come to your notice.

Give an example, to show how search results will show differently when using Caffeine?

You may try searching “PC World” in regular Google search and then try with Caffeine, the links shows four entries, the fourth one differs. The fourth result on regular Google search shows 2004 Today @ PC World blog that on Caffeine shows a link to for subscriptions to PC World. The other changes can be noticed when search results are placed side by side.

Will there be change in appearance of with Caffeine?

No, there won’t be any change in the appearance of Google as Caffeine is “under the hood” change.

What will be the change in speed when Caffeine will be used?

There will be a marginal change in speed in terms of fractions of a second. For example search done for “PC World” was shown in 0.15 seconds when done with regular Google search and 0.09 with Caffeine.

Is there still some more you can expect from Caffeine?

According to Google majority part of the update is done with Caffeine but the code will change in coming weeks.

Is this a result of Microsoft-Yahoo deal?

May be this conclusion can be drawn since there was an announcement few days ago that Microsoft and Yahoo are to form a search partnership. However Google instated that two events have no correlation. Matt Cutts, a software engineer form Google added that this change is a result of many months of hard work.

Is there change in search algorithm pretty regularly by Google?

Absolutely correct, some accounts find the code tweaked almost daily. The Caffeine update needs to be checked essentially with user testing before it is actually implemented. This change is described by few as the biggest change that is to be brought by Google in search system in last three years.

How can my feedback be given to Google about Caffeine?

On searching Caffeine developer site, you will see a link on the page’s bottom that says “Dissatisfied? Help us improve?” Click on it and send your feedback to Google.

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