How Can You Keep Your Secret Safe With Freeware Files

The privacy features that come along with Windows the operating system are not sufficient for safety of your personal documents. Even if you put the special documents in a folder meant for private user in the PC with operating system Windows then also it is not sure that your files will remain secret. A user with malicious who can work hard with malicious intention can cause mayhem on your files with only condition that he has physical access to your computer system. This is possible in spite of Windows making a declaration that you should not be afraid of external abuse, and that you are safe.

But now this week with applications of freeware update, the security of your data in PC is enhanced and you will be able to keep away the files that you don’t intend to show to others or do not like others to access your secret data. The question is does this involves encryption? The answer is in affirmation.  There are easier and faster ways to keep data as secret, which depends on amount of privacy that you require; that’s something different from locking the entire drive with the aid of cipher of 128-bit.


This program though a freeware offers you to purchase the registered copy of software regularly after regular interval of time that you can ignore safely without any effect on your operating habits. The first line of defense against the file finders would be treated as Winrar. The simple procedure to protect files or folders is to put them into an archive. A password can be assigned to the archive and use the option of encrypting file manes. With this it will be very difficult except you to know the files in the rar archive. If you are interested in ultra-super security then you can change the name of the file along with the extension.


Generally as a user you delete your files; Windows the operating system throw the files into recycle bin and then emptied. That’s it you have safely deleted the files. But that is not true. The Maximum PC user or defendant of RIAA knows very well that the standard process opted by the user to remove files from the hard disk by the process allowed by Windows is not a acceptable solution when you want to have a deletion process which is safe. Here comes the importance of Eraser, once you run the program on the files to be deleted it will become almost impossible for the file restoration software to work on the data to put together all the information that you didn’t wanted to share with others. The suggestion that this open-source application will survive government level scan scrutiny cannot be done as that claim has not been tested.

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