How to avail Double Cashback Incentives from Microsoft?

The attention of best bargain shopper of internet is to be attracted by Bing promotion started by Microsoft. Cashback is the name given to the program which is function of Bing search engine that gives rewards in terms of cash when Microsoft’s service is used. On making purchases by clicking a sponsored link on Bing search results page, a part of cash is refunded by Microsoft. The big news is the reward percentage has been doubled.

Number of web shoppers has been using this system to mint money for last many months. To be part of this program, reach and on upper right corner click on “extras” tab. Further click “Cashback” and complete the procedures of opening a new Cashback account. That’s it, now get back to the main page of

To access the stores supporting Cashback, click on the button present on the left hand of the page called “cashback stores”. A complete list of stores supporting Cashback system and the discount offered on purchasing those items will be shown; the discount on the purchase is not an instant one, it is the refund check that you will receive from Microsoft.

To achieve greater discounts on the items that you purchase one can follow the path of Cashback process through Bing’s search. This is how it works. On typing certain words into the box on, you will be taken to results page. On this result page based on your search you will come across many sponsored advertisements. At times retailer’s ad pops up with a Cashback logo.

Click the advertisement; you will reach retailer’s results for whatever you searched. Now the percentage rates are applicable for not only for the items you searched but for all the items available in the store. In short whatever you serched for to reach the store, you will receive same Cashback refund irrespective of the final product that you purchase.

Now the question is where to find the magic keywords that will fetch you excellent cashback refund.  One method is to do trial-and-error with the commonly used item words and if you don’t want to waste time better rely on your peers’ wisdom. You can check web forums like Fatwallet or Slickdeals to have new Cashback finds. Brief list of keywords courtesy Slickdeals are for getting Microsoft’s “Cashback doubled” promotion deal:

Ebags – for 35% cashback search term “ebags” to be used.

Overstock – search term “pillow” or “” is to be used for 20% cashback.

TigerDirect – “hard drive” or “LCD” search terms are to be used for 12.5% cashback. – “expecta” is to be used as search term to avail 25% cashback.

The other Cashback refunds via main Cashback store listing are: – 50%, FTD Flowers – 40 to 50%, FootLocker – 40%, SKECHERS USA – 32%, Eastbay – 50%, SurplusMags – 40%.

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