Microsoft Office’s Imperfection is Hacker’s Joy

The users of Microsoft office for Windows have been attacked by cyber criminals taking advantage of programming flaw that the company Microsoft is yet to repair. This has been accepted by Microsoft Corp itself.

The largest software maker of the world had issued this warning while releasing other nine patches to seal security loopholes in the software. The director of security research with McAfee Inc’s Avert Labs, Dave Marcus was quick to state that in spite of today’s solutions given by Microsoft, Users of Windows are under attacks. The progress of Microsoft receives setback from these attackers time and again.

Cyber-criminals have to attack Microsoft programs since these are the ones used most widely and its easier for cyber-criminals to have large scale impact with a single set of code, after all there will be lots of victims since same program by Microsoft is used by millions of users around. Statistically 90 percent of world PCs caters Microsoft Office with about 500 million users.

The booby-trapping sites having malicious code get loaded into computers that have Microsoft Office Software; this is all because of Microsoft being vulnerable to websites with booby-trapping. Hackers have been able to take advantage of this drawback in Microsoft Office very easily and quiet extensively as said because of Microsoft Office used by millions of users. Infected PCs loses control and are then controlled by a network of hijacked computers. Ultimately they are subjected to identity theft, spamming and many other cyber- crimes.

Microsoft has not declared anything about the number of machines that were under attack from cyber hackers. The attacks from hackers can be prevented when users disable certain functions of Office software that facilitate working of attack when connected to web. Microsoft very serious about these attacks has posted a tool on its website that will help you prevent attacks from hackers in an effective manner.

The versions XP, 2003 and 2007 of Office are susceptible to the attacks from hackers.

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