Nokia and Microsoft Team Up to Create Mobile Phone Office Applications

img_15962_nokia_microsoftAfter years of success for two large companies – Nokia and Microsoft – who developed their names and rights in quality mobile technology and computer software, the two giants have decided to team up and develop Microsoft office productivity applications that can be used on Nokia mobile units.

This plan was made public by Kai Oistamo (Executive Vice President for Devices of Nokia) and Stephen Elop (President of the Microsoft Business Division). With the increased competition in companies like Google who have developed their own in-the-cloud applications and operating systems, Microsoft anticipates that this partnership with Nokia will add more weight to its already precarious position. Google has already developed in-the-cloud office applications which are offered for free on the internet.

The plan of the two big companies is to design, develop, and promote productivity applications under Microsoft’s capability that can be used in Nokia’s mobile Symbian devices. The first target of the companies is to release the Microsoft office productivity applications on the Nokia E-series mobile phones. After that, there will be a gradual branching out of the availability of office apps on other Nokia unit models.

A Collaboration of Two Giants

With this team-up, both companies have cleared a nice path for themselves in the competitive market for mobile phones with great applications, and will be competing with the likes of the iPhone of Apple and Blackberry of Research in Motion. Since Microsoft’s Windows Mobile never really gained steady footing in the mobile market, Nokia’s popularity and huge chunk in the mobile phone market will create a sweet relationship that promises loads of productivity and success.

According to representatives from Microsoft and Nokia, the partnership has the shared objective of enhancing mobile devices to keep up with the needs of mobile professionals and employees who want to get work done effectively and efficiently. Doing work on mobile phones is a wave of the future since staying connected is primary in all walks of work and life.

However, despite this team up, Microsoft is not offering Windows Mobile on Nokia mobile phones. It has reserved this product for its own Windows Mobile handsets which will come out next year in a new and improved version.

Mobile Applications Release Plans

Early next year they hope to release the Microsoft Office Communicator on Nokia E-series phones which will provide instant messaging and Web presence for users and a connection to the Office Communications Server.

With the release of Google’s online office applications, Microsoft has also begun to develop it’s own in-the-cloud office applications which include an online version of PowerPoint, Word, OneNote, and Excel. This will be developed under the brand of Office Web Apps which will come out in 2010 and will be accessible through browsers. This will be released at about the same time as Office 2010 which is already being developed this year.

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