Sony Also Supports Windows 7

Recently a letter by Sony revealed that Sony is just another one of the hardware giants standing behind Microsoft as it pushes out Windows 7, the latest and greatest successor of Windows.

A Senior Manager at Sony, Xavier Lauwaert, praised Windows 7 and some of its key features, such as “performance, ease of use and connectivity innovations.” The hype surrounding Windows 7 was also mentioned as Xavier noted the reviews and “investigations” into Windows 7, such as the numerous speed tests (on virtually every leaked release), especially on the Beta and RC.

Xavier also mentioned a partnership between Sony and Microsoft in which they worked together to produce a “symbiotic effect” for the end user, touting Windows 7 as a central role in a highly “PC-centric and connected world.” Xavier even went so far to say that the recent transition from desktops to notebooks will also have Windows 7 on the front lines as Sony praises the software giant’s product: “faster boot up times, improved battery life and the ability to stream your contents through the ‘Play To’ feature will not only make the PC omnipresent but Windows 7 will also bring content ‘to life’.”

Here is the full document: click here and continue reading.

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