Sony Comes Out With PS3 Slim – PS3 Price Comes Down To $300

Now here you have, the magical Sony PS3 with price cut along with a slimmer and trimmer model of PS3. The talk of better and less weighty PS3 model from Sony had been there was very long. There were lots of gossip around (what more can be said when there was no official declaration from Sony the manufacturer itself), lots of leads with no authentic things about the new product that is to hit the market.

The PS3 took about a year’s time to have change in its model after lots of gossip, false leads and photo manipulations. PS3 slim as expected is like a diet-PS3, slimmer and lighter. People in recent times are more attracted to the sleeker models of different gadgets as they find them easy to handle and easy to carry.

The PS3 slim is a full-featured with price $100 less than the current one. Dimensionally 33 percent smaller, 36 percent lighter in weight, length wise same but thinner and has a matte finish that covers the whole body. Look wise PS3 Slim has looked lot better than the current model of PS3.

PS3 Slim from Sony is sleeker look wise. The original PS3 can be treated as the ugliest- angled console that has come in the market in last decades. For a person who has to carry PS3 in carry bag only knows how hard it is to accommodate with other gadgets that are much handy to carry. In this world where life is on the move most of the time, size actually matters a lot.

The current 80 GB capacity PS3 from Sony had a price tag of $400. But in recent days retailers have cut down the prices in an anticipation of new model PS3 Slim about to hit the markets. The price drop in case of PS3 is imminent considering the fact that new PS3 Slim from Sony will cost $300 instead of $400 in the days to come. It is still not clear whether PS3 Slim will replace the existing model of PS3 or not in the coming days but one thing is sure now that existing PS3 will be available across America for $300. Not only in America but across the globe Sony will have to slash price of existing model PS3 after all who in this world will opt for older model and that too at higher price than that of new model of PS3 Slim.

The big question is what about availability of PS3 Slim everywhere across the world from September 1? That is to be seen in future.

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