Windows 7 review: The Clash of Three Windows (1)

New_Windows_7_wallpapers_by_aminemaxComparing Some Basic Features since XP and Vista

Look forward to innovative changes since the Vista and XP versions of Windows in Windows 7. With these great nifty and fresh changes and new features that we got used to on the reliable XP version and the less-than-perfect Vista, you will find yourself anticipating using Windows 7 on your own PC.

Enhanced User Account Control

Microsoft has improved on user account control (UAC) by rendering different levels in notification control of the UAC. Settings can now be set to less frustrating modes as was presented on the Vista version that reduces relentless prompts for permissions and entails annoying administrator access. Instead of UAC working as security for your whole PC in general, it can now contain malware infection to partial portions of your hard drive when on a profile as a single user. You can now modify settings that are perfect for your needs and to reduce unwanted alerts and notifications.

An All-improved Search Function

Search is new and improved on the Windows 7 version allowing speedier searches through a simple press of the Windows key and much improved from the slow Vista search version. Applications can be launched from the keyboard, and you can search for folders, files and emails on shared network folders of the HomeGroup of which your PC is a part of. You don’t even have to leave the keyboard to navigate specific control panel settings on your PC.

A Speedy User Interface

With the new Windows 7 release, expect a faster response time in loading applications and UI responsiveness as compared to Vista. Microsoft has taken the extra effort to speed up UI needs for those who multi-task, application loading, and other features for quicker response time as never before seen on Vista or XP. Windows 7 will definitely be faster for those who dislike slow loading dialog boxes and slow applications loading because of the cashed-in feature of regularly used Windows applications.

Audio Enhancements for Better Gaming and Multi-tasking>

Windows 7 can now automatically detect which sound source you are using and lower the ones you want to focus less on. So if you use voice chat, it can lower the volume on your online radio. You can even direct the headphone output to certain software, while using your speaker for other running software. This enhancement in easy directing to multiple audio outputs is a big plus for Windows 7. Unfortunately, Windows 7 does not support older versions of DirectSound 3D games.

A Windows Makeover with New Wallpaper

For those who are particular about the backgrounds of their workspace, Windows 7 presents amazing creative and artistic new wallpapers to choose from. Although Windows 7 still lacks the facility to process a variety of backgrounds on numerous monitor rigs, the awe-inspiring art which is displayed in the new wallpapers will have users raving. You can eve switch between wallpapers at certain time intervals to make your PC use more interesting and inspiring.

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