Medical History Made Public On Facebook And Twitter

According to a survey of medical schools, patients of the student doctors are running a high risk of having their doctor-patient confidentiality breached. Young doctors-to-be are using Facebook and Twitter, and even blogs and YouTube, to illegally reveal details about their patients’ cases.

The Journal of the American Medical Association discovered that thirteen percent of those surveyed stated that their confidentiality had been violated, and sixty percent claimed that “unprofessional content” had been posted on the Web.

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Google Brings Chrome To Internet Explorer

On September 24th, Google released Google Chrome Frame, a new plug-in that contains its Chrome browser in a format compatible with Internet Explorer. A blog post promoting the release promises that Chrome Frame will work with versions 6, 7, and 8 of Explorer. One analyst surmises the move is an indication of Google’s admission that wooing users from IE is a steeper mountain than they planned to climb.

The speed of IE’s JavaScript is infamously low. Chrome Frame will boost that speed considerably. More than that, the plug-in will address significant concerns of Web designers and developers. More and more websites and online applications use Internet standards that IE can’t handle. The most obvious of these is HTML 5, which will now be usable thanks to Chrome Frame.

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Ad-Free Twitter This Year

According to Biz Stone, co-founder of Twitter, the social network will not be hosting advertising in 2009.

Stone visited Los Angeles’ 140:Twitter conference this week, and shared with those present that Twitter has received sufficient funds and investments to keep Twitter advertising out of the picture for this year.

He ensured his audience that there is no planned application of advertising in the near future, and that the company currently has no need to consider it a priority.

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Sidewiki’s Ups and Downs

On Wednesday, Google launched Sidewiki, a new comment subprogram. Using Sidewiki, users of Google Toolbar can post comment and discussion to any Web page they are drawn to. The comments appear in a sidebar column. Intimate

The release has sparked conflict, between those who view Sidewiki as a potentially valuable tool, and those who view it as Google reducing the value of web site content by, in essence, “outsourcing” comments to Google’s domain. Whatever the opinion, there is the additional caution of the perhaps-unmanageable hassle Google may endure in monitoring and administrating such a vast network.

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Apple And Windows Go To France

The United States has invaded France! …Sort of.

After much talk and a long time waiting, two American companies will open prominent locations in Paris, France. Apple will debut a retail center for its vast array of iProducts, while Microsoft is opening a cafe in a temporary promotion for Windows 7. No computers, just coffee and juice and similar fare. The cafe, apropos, is named Windows.

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Speed Up IE8 With Google Plug-In

Computerworld has run tests on Internet Explorer, version 8, after the addition of the Chrome Frame plug-in available from Google. The test results demonstrate that IE8, with Chrome Frame, runs almost ten times faster than IE8 without Chrome Frame. IE8 handles JavaScript 9.6 faster with the addition of the plug-in.

To test and validate its results, Computerworld used the SunSpider Javascript program, running it three times on IE8 standing alone, and three times with the addition of the ChromeFrame plug-in. The scores were averaged to achieve the published results. The average score with the addition of ChromeFrame was equal to the scores of Google’s Chrome browser, proving that ChromeFrame can optimize any Internet Explorer program to the speed and efficiency of the actual Chrome browser.

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Microsoft Courier Starts The Tablet Race

On Tuesday, Gizmodo published an exclusive report on an upcoming tablet project from Microsoft. Currently referred to as Microsoft Courier, the tablet brings an exciting new functionality to mobile computer users. Gizmodo makes Courier out to be a stylish, cutting-edge double screen device that functions like the most interactive day planner in the world.

The report didn’t say when, or even if, Courier would be released to stores. Microsoft is developing several tablet projects, and Courier is the one that, at the time of this writing, we know most about. It may be, with a rumored Apple tablet on the horizon and a soon-to-be-released E-reader/netbook from Asus, that the rumors of Courier will breathe life into the tablet race.

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Part 5 Advantages of IE8

Shortcuts of the keyboard

Generally it happens that while working on the computer, you may continuously need to switch from mouse to keyboard and vice versa. After some time, this becomes tiring and a difficult and monotonous task to carry out. Also constant switching takes a lot of time. As a result the user may sometimes lose interest in the work. In case you are running short of time and do not want to keep on moving your hands from keyboard to mouse and mouse to keyboard then you must try the shortcuts that are given below. Using these shortcuts you can get ninja work like efficiency and also can increase your productivity. Below are given some useful and most commonly used Key Combinations and their Resulting Actions:

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Part 4 Advantages of IE8

Decode the Status Bar

The Status Bar that appears at the bottom of the browser window shows all the information that may not be labeled anywhere else. The unlabeled boxes of the Status Bar have some functions that can be activated by single clicking or by double-clicking. Main functions of these boxes are:

* Box 1: it performs no operation.
* Box 2: used to modify the settings of the Pop-up Blocker.
* Box 3: used to manage the Add-ons screen.
* Box 4: This contains icon in it and is used to see a Privacy Report by double clicking that can list all the blocked cookies.
* Box 5: used to provide IE to look for a security certificate.
* Box 6: it can be used to view the menu by Single-clicking where a safety check can be run on the site that the user is visiting with the help of Microsoft’s Smart Screen Filter service.

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Part 3 Advantages of IE8

Protect your Privacy and Block the Ads and In Private Filtering

Whenever you are surfing the web or opening a site then it is very common that you may encounter many advertisements that are termed as the third party content. This content doesn’t originate from the website that you are visiting but from other sources. Sometimes this content or advertisements may generate virus in your PC and sometimes it is used by these sources to track your behavior. As one encounters such type of content site after site, a thorough profile of the browsing habits of the user, his interests and even the purchases that are made can be assembled by these advertisers with the help of cookies to track the behavior.

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