Ad-Free Twitter This Year

According to Biz Stone, co-founder of Twitter, the social network will not be hosting advertising in 2009.

Stone visited Los Angeles’ 140:Twitter conference this week, and shared with those present that Twitter has received sufficient funds and investments to keep Twitter advertising out of the picture for this year.

He ensured his audience that there is no planned application of advertising in the near future, and that the company currently has no need to consider it a priority.

No comment was made about the possibility of advertising in 2010.

Twitter’s attention has been directed toward developing and releasing new features to the popular microblogging service.  In addition, Stone said, they have focused on ramping up their business and providing new services.

Paid commercial accounts are among the new services mentioned.  Paid account holders, according to Stone, would have new tools available to them, that could collect, organize, and interpret data from their followers.

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