Easy Fixes For Three Microsoft Windows Nuisances

Most of us have the habit of delaying reboots when updates are done to our computers. We often choose ‘remind me later’ or the longest time available and just keep doing so until we are done doing whatever it is that we are doing. This usually works unless we leave the computer at the worst possible time ever…when ‘later’ or the time chosen elapses.

Now, unless you save every input you make to a document as you go along or do not mind losing a possible high score because your computer did a windows update while you were away, and rebooted on its own initiative, not being able to stop automatic reboots is a real pain. If you want to control your computer rebooting without permission; and other annoyances you may encounter, then you are in the right place.

In fact when using Vista it is as simple as clicking “Start”, typing the words “Windows Update” and pressing “Enter”. Once you do this, select the option to “Change Settings”, choose “Download updates but let me choose whether to install them”*, now that you are done, simply hit “OK” and just like that your problem is solved!

Not as costly but equally annoying are pop windows with mystery errors when logging on to wireless hotspots. Whether at work or play, sifting through and closing several errors; some or most of which you do not understand, more than likely is not your idea of a good pastime.

Ironically, the fix to this is too easy…just wait. The errors happen only because the programs you are trying to run have not had a chance to sync with their servers so obviously they cannot work the way they should. Getting online is the only solution so the problem will solve itself once you connect completely.

Now we move on to the next problem. It is a regular distress, outdated Microsoft file but new program, both are incompatible but you need to get them to work all the same. Often times we overlook the most obvious solution; a web program that allows us to use the old file. It might be a web version of the new program or one that can convert the old file, but it does not matter  which as long as it works.

A perfect example of this is Zamzar. Whether you are dealing with DOC files, HTML, ODT, PDF or RTF, once you want it converted Zamzar can do it for FREE! Go to http://www.zamzar.com/conversionTypes.php for a full list of files you can convert.

The steps are easy too:

1)      Select the file to be converted and the format it should be converted to.

2)      Enter your e-mail address.

3)      Download the new file using the link Zamzar emails you once the file has been unloaded and the conversion is complete.

Bye-bye old file in just three easy steps.

Try these the next time the need arises and see just how easily you can save yourself some unneeded stress.

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