Macs combat with Windows 7 PC

PCs running on Windows 7 become a big contender for the Mac OSX

Several people have used both Macs and PCs and always have their complaints and satisfactions concerning either in different aspects. However, with the emergence of Windows 7, Mac users are now taking a step back and are beginning to see the strengths in Microsoft Windows as never before. Mac fans used to ridicule the weaknesses of Windows (especially with the disappointing debut of Windows Vista), and now they may have to bite their tongues as Windows 7 begins to show off all its functionalities and features that are starting to make waves in the computing community.

Some users of both Mac and PC OS’s have seen little difference in the speed and simplicity. However, here are some reasons why Apple will have to take a second look at Windows 7 and wonder if it’s surpassing Mac OS:

Ease of Use and Simplicity

With the release of Windows Vista, PC users went through months of disappointment and complaints to Microsoft which forced them to revisit many of the Vista flaws and come up with a remedy on the Windows 7 release. The problem with Windows Vista was that it was too heavy on the interface which slowed down the whole system and made it seem like ages before an application could open up. Now, with Windows 7, the interface has been cleaned up and the taskbar is more straightforward and simple, even surpassing the Mac’s crowded taskbar. The new configuration on application-switching is now so convenient and organized on Windows 7 which makes usability so much better.

Crash Factor

So far, Windows7 doesn’t seem to crash, especially now that it has gone light on the interface. Mac seems to crash more now, especially when comparing it to the new Windows 7 which hasn’t shown a big crash record yet.

More Bang for Your Buck

Up till today, you’ll probably have a hard time finding a Mac that will cost less than a PC. PC devices are probably also more affordable than ones compatible with Mac. If you buy a Mac it is probably because you prefer the Mac features over the PC. Otherwise, PC, and a PC that runs on Windows 7 is definitely a better buy on anyone’s terms and standards.

Better Performance

Performance on Windows 7 has been flawless so far. Although specific comparisons between it and the Mac OS have not been done, Windows is showing big promise for those looking for fast performance without the frills and lag in the operating systems before it. It doesn’t freeze and the disk I/O performance is exceptional. The utilization of memory is so much more efficient than previous versions. The only drawback is that Outlook still experiences some issues, but sans that, Windows 7 is fast and efficient.


It’s not true that Mac OSX has no security issues, especially since Apple released at least 18 security patches for OSX in August alone. Although Windows 7 may be a big target for cybercriminals looking for vulnerabilities, it doesn’t mean that the Mac OSX doesn’t have issues of its own.

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