Part 1 Advantages of IE8

If your eyes are thriving to see more security and ease to use facility in Microsoft’s Web browser, then IE8 or Internet Explorer 8 is the latest launch for better privacy and fast accessibility in the platform of Web-enabled information and several services. IE8 has come up with several updated features, which will definitely give you more area to explore and experience to suit your technology need.

New version of IE8 also retains the existing few important features of previous version like toolbar customization, view ability like the earlier version, and of course a pair of boxes full of mystery in order to colonize the browser window bottom.

If you’re able to follow those certain tips you definitely get the benefit of the updated and newest features. If you’re still lacking the advantages of IE6 and IE7, then it is advisable get updated immediately to take the full-fledged advantage.

Go faster with the use of Accelerator

To add more value with IE8, accelerators have certain features which enable users to do several works in faster time depending upon the text that you go for on any Web page. For that, you have to do the quote stocking, find out the real definition or meaning of any word or of certain phrases, location mapping, conversion of currencies, sharing stipulated text on different social networking Web site like Twitter and Face book, shortening of URL, look out for any product at any shopping portal and so on

To access accelerator facility, first you’ve to go for any certain text on a Web page, followed by pressing the accelerator button, which is placed at the right side popping up. You will be directed to Accelerator Menu upon clicking the accelerator button.

Usually accelerators show their results in two ways; either it is seen in a pop-up window or in a new tab.

There is variety of built-in Accelerators in IE8.  Third party developers are planning to launch a wide array of new updates which can be installed by you very easily. From Accelerator Gallery of Microsoft, you might see more obtainable options.

Make your choice of Book marking with the help of Web slice

Web slice is one of the other value added service in IE8, it lets you to go for the subscription for newest part of a Web page like sports scores, daily weather update. But for that developers of the sites have to designate that particular part of the page as a Web slice. (It is for your information most of the sites are not enabled with Web slice till today.)

On the tool bar, a green icon blinks when Web Slice is enabled in IE8. This icon is placed next to the Home icon. This particular icon is also seen just next to the -ready content on a Web page while you’re taking mouse over it. While clicking the icon in an either location, one dialog box will pop up to ask you whether you wish to add any content to your favorite bar.

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